Pieter Lindbergh Exhibition

A while ago I went to an exhibition of Pieter Lindbergh’s work. During my visit I was incredibly inspired, it might have been the exact moment I unconsciously decided to blog again. Ever since I saw his beautiful work on display like that, something inside me was making all my creativity wanting to burst out. Hence, I felt like I needed to share his work, on postcards, so more people can be inspired. 

What I love about his work is that it’s all very simple, very masculine yet so feminine at the same time. He create a collection of iconic fashion photography that was very modern and out of the box for his time. Most of the photos were shot in New York, a gorgeous city that he managed to capture in such a brilliant way. Before his exhibition I already dreamt of visiting New York, now, I this dream has developed into a very strong longing. 

The exhibition is located at Kunsthal in Rotterdam, but don’t worry because it will travel to museums around the world. Keep an eye out for the dates nearest to you, because a visit is well worth your time and money! 

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