A Day in Eindhoven

If I’d ask you to name another city in The Netherlands besides Amsterdam how many would you be able to think of? Regardless of how many cities you just thought of, I’m pretty sure Eindhoven was not one that made the list. Who am I to judge, seeing as last week was actually my first visit to this lovely city. 

Although The Netherlands is a rather small country, the distance between Amsterdam and Eindhoven is close to two hours by train, which is one of the reasons why it took me this long to finally see the city. However, my grandmother surprised me by buying special train tickets that allow unlimited traveling throughout one day. This was obviously the perfect occasion to go as far away from the capital as possible within 24 hours and we decided to see Eindhoven. 

After quite a pleasant train ride, the first thing we saw in the centre was a massive Primark! They located the store next to the train station, which is very convenient for when you splurged and have to carry three large bags back home. Honestly, it was one of the best Primark stores we have in this country. They had such an updated and huge collection, something that most stores are lacking unfortunately. 

The centre of Eindhoven has many great stores to offer, all with plenty of space and a beautiful mixture of old and modern architecture. I know for a fact that I will return to this city soon and I can highly recommend it to anyone visiting The Netherlands. If you want to see quite a big city in The Netherlands, one that is not overcrowded by locals and tourists and is still quite true to its culture, then Eindhoven is the place to be! (They also have a pretty good football team and the stadium is literally in the city centre) 

On another note
Yes, it’s been way too long since I’ve been active on my blog and my channel. Although I must say that I took quite a conscious break from it all, mostly because of my study abroad in Spain. During this time I really wanted to live in the moment and enjoy myself as much as possible without having to share every moment with everyone. My study abroad was really a period of me getting to know myself in a way that would be impossible if I’d have stayed at home. That, and I honestly was embarrassed to ask people to take outfit photos of me all the time! 

Then when I returned home, I had a very busy and time consuming period at university. We basically had our final classes and exams and I had to meet all the criteria to write my thesis now, in the first semester of the fourth year. It was also a time during which my friends and I finally were back in the same country again, after being apart and across the world for 5 months. Therefore we made more effort to meet up and have fun together, seeing as our paths will separate after university. 

It was also the year that I left my teenage years behind and entered adulthood. It only felt natural to take some internet down time and to figure out once and for all what I want to do with my life (still not quite sure but when will you ever know exactly what you want to do). At least I sat down and made a 5-year plan with some of my wishes and goals that I would like accomplish before my 25th birthday. 

However as the year passed by, and I created a clearer picture of my future, I realised more and more that I honestly missed blogging. It took me while to admit this to myself, but I missed this. Somehow blogging has become a part of who I am and I don’t feel quite the same without sharing my thoughts on the internet. Also, I have no other creative outlet that gives me as much joy as blogging. Not that I am that creative, but I am just creative enough to be in need of an outlet *insert wink emoji*

So here I am, once again, ready to share whatever crosses my mind with whoever wants to ready it.

Lots of Love,