A Whole Vegan Year


I can’t believe I actually did it. Now I must confess that I’m not world’s strictest vegan, I have my cheat days but overall I cut down on all animal products quite well ever since last year! Have a look at this post explaining why I decided to become a vegan.

The main reason for me behind this change has always been my own wellbeing, since I was often so bloated and tired after meals. I must say that I’m much less bloated when I eat a completely vegan meal. However there are days where I just had dairy, meat, fish or even eggs since I was either craving them or there wasn’t much of a choice. On these days I can always tell that my body is working a lot harder to digest everything, which often leaves me very bloated throughout the day/evening. 

Although I’m probably cheating by saying that I’m ‘a vegan’ I feel like I did manage to accomplish my goal of being 80% vegan, with my biggest struggle still being dairy. I must say that I’m quite surprised that I actually managed to keep this up for so long, I’m quite proud of myself since I couldn’t even stay a vegetarian for longer than three months in the past.

My plan is to keep this up and to try to take it more serious along the way, now I probably have one ‘cheat’ a day so let’s try and make that once a week. However for me it’s more important not to give up, so if that means I have to be less strict then so be it. 

If this all sounds intriguing to you, but you’re not sure whether you’d be able to actually keep this diet up I recommend having one vegan/vegetarian day a week. You’ll be surprised by how easy and delicious it is, who knows you might even find yourself adding more of these days to your week! For the most simple and delicious recipes I always go to http://minimalistbaker.com, you’ll be surprised by all the possibilities!

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    August 19, 2015 / 6:10 pm

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