Q&A #1

Your favourite piece of your wardrobe?
My favourite piece must be my mom jeans. Honestly they are the only type of denim jeans that I wear happily, I love the fit and the colour so much they truly are perfect all year round! I would actually love to own another pair of mom jeans just because I have black trousers in all shapes, however when it comes to variety all I have are my mom jeans! It might be time to add a few more to the collection don’t you think ;P

Who is your photographer?

All the outfit photos are usually shot by my mother, she’s so lovely to help me out with them! Although she literally had never picked up a professional camera before she’s doing such a great job, the photos turn out so well every time! 

Where do you live?

I live in a town 30 minutes away from Amsterdam

What made you want to start a blog?

Before I started this blog I was already reading plenty others, I was watching YouTube tutorials etc. One day I just made an account on Blogger with the intentions to start my own blog. Honestly I don’t know why exactly I did it, I guess I just really like to share my passion with everyone else! Today I wouldn’t know what I would do without my blog!

How you started with this blog?

After I made my account on Blogger, it was pretty hard to figure out what the first entry was going to be about. However somehow I just wrote something and from there on I started posting entries, first in Dutch but I later on realised that I preferred to write in English. 

What’s your best dream ever?

I don’t often remember my dreams, which I guess is a good thing when it comes to nightmares, however when it comes to the nice dreams it can be quite frustrating! Honestly I don’t remember any of my dreams right now! 

What you like to be in a nearly future?

I would love to become a journalist and to either host some fun show or work at a cool magazine! Something that would involve the entertainment world is my dream job! 

If you have more questions just leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them in the next Q&A!

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