5 Seconds of Summer @ Ziggodome, Amsterdam

5 Seconds of Summer were amazing this week!! Although in all honesty I was’t particularly looking forward to this concert since their fans tend to be a bit intense… However we managed to get the best spots in the venue, with plenty of space left to really really rock out. 

The story is quite funny actually, my friends and I had a lovely pizza in Amsterdam while the doors were already opening. Now this is okay if you have seats, however we had front of the stage tickets! After the lovely dinner we made our way to the venue (quite relaxed still). We managed to get in just on time for 5sos to come on stage. 

Not having to wait all the hours, not having to watch the supporting act and just seeing the artists straight away is so incredible! It is the concert dream! Except for when the supporting act is someone you want to see of course :p 

I’ll try to make a little concert summary video that will go live this Sunday! 

Have you heard of 5sos?

Lots of Love,



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