Enjoy Your Break to the Fullest

Finally the time has come, the break I’ve been looking forward the most. However it is (only) two weeks; two weeks of studying, seeing family members, organising your life and what not to get ready for the new year. The only problem is that, by this time, I am so extremely tired that I don’t want to do anything! Does this sound familiar? Don’t you worry now, we are going to complete those to-do lists before we have to get back to school/work. 

First things first; this is your holiday so you need to relax as well. That’s exactly why I decided to just let everything be this first week, I decided to do absolutely nothing school related this week. Somehow I just didn’t have the energy and because I knew that I had to study for my exams eventually, I started to postpone all the work I had to do; even around the house! Confronting myself with the problem only resulted in me postponing everything and ending up in bed watching Revenge. Although I thoroughly enjoyed that, it is not what I am supposed to be doing right now.  

School work has been moved to the second week of the holiday, alright. My mind is a lot clearer now, I feel a bit less stressed out and I can actually get out of bed again. Right now the blog and the channel have priority, I’m trying to work ahead just a little so that I can focus on my exams completely next week. Second on the list was my bloody closet, which needed a clear out again. Somehow I always end up reorganising my closet during the breaks…



Now this is all my life with my problems, yours might be different or the even the same. The message I’m trying to give here is that you’re supposed to enjoy your days off, I know you have a lot to do and it all has high priorities. But don’t forget that you do too. You should be priority number one, the rest comes after. So take a few days for yourself (without feeling guilty) and then slowly start working on that to-do list. You will get it all done, believe me, but you shouldn’t start the new year all stressed out already. In the end it’s never worth it… 

What are your holiday plans? Are you going away or are you celebrating at home? 

Lots of Love,




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    December 24, 2014 / 4:25 pm

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