Clinique Moisture Test-Kit

The best
way to try a product out, especially when it’s quite expensive, is to buy
miniatures to see if you’ll actually like. This is exactly what I did a few
weeks ago with the Clinique Moisturise set.

I’ve heard
many wonderful things about this range, the day moisturiser is very famous in particular,
but instead of spending over 40 euros all at once I decided to spend 12 euros
on this little kit. Now that I have used (almost) all of the products I am very
happy that I took this decision.

The day
cream was pretty good, it’s this light gel which smell like strawberries and
keeps your skin pretty moisturised throughout the entire day. However if you
tend to have extremely dry skin, like myself, this is not
the product for you. For me it just wasn’t moisturising enough. The night cream
was a lot thicker in consistency and kept my skin very moisturised, therefore I
was tempted to use this one during the day instead. I know you’re not supposed to.

As for the
eye cream, my eyelids are very dry
which often results in wrinkles from dehydration. This gel consistency
therefore just doesn’t work for me. I found that as soon as I ditched my
beloved Kiehl’s Avocado Treatment for this, my eyelids went back to being
dehydrated almost instantly.

If you’re
skin isn’t particularly dry then this is definitely a range to try, but if you
suffer from extremely dry skin like I
do this is not the solution.

Lots of Love,



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  1. Beauty Vanity
    October 9, 2014 / 4:07 pm

    That's too bad that this set didn't work out for you! Gotta admit, the Kiehl's Avocado Treatment is hard to beat though. :)xx AlysonThe Beauty Vanity