Five Favourite Musicians

As I am
writing this I still don’t know which musicians I should choose, the ones I’ve
been listening to since forever or
the ones that just recently caught my eye err
Even then there’s the issue of liking a few songs a lot, as in obsessing over them, or preferring
entire albums I could play on repeat over and over again.

Yes, I take
my music very seriously. It’s something that I recently discovered about
myself, I adore music. Music
preferences come and go as my mood changes, but my love for music itself is always present. The fact that I don’t discriminate between genres makes it
even harder to choose just five favourites. Considering the fact that it was my own idea to write this in the first
place, I have no other choice.

If you’d
ask me this question out of the blue I’d probable say One Direction, Little
Mix, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J and Rita Ora. But those are the ones I’ve been
listening for quite a while now, lately I’ve been obsessing over The 1975,
Haim, Lorde, London Grammar, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey
and Bastille. Then we also have Shakira, Beyonce and Alicia Keys whom I’ve
basically grown up with. You understand my dilemma now?

How about I
make it a mix between golden oldies
and latest discoveries. Even then it’s quite hard for me. But hey I managed to mention only five
YouTubers from a list of 50 people I’m subscribed to, so I’m guessing that musicians
won’t impossible.

There’s no
way back now, here it is; my list of five and five only.

One.Cheesy but dead serious, One Direction. Discovered them three
years ago out of curiosity, and couldn’t contain myself ever since. Obsessed
might be an understatement, but these five guys (and their entire crew) managed
to put a smile on my face while I was going to quite a though time. The whole
fandom, was and still is such a great distraction from life. These are only the
perks of being a so called directioner.
The music itself is absolutely wonderful, not only are the lyrics great, their
voices really get to me every time I listen to the songs. The first two albums
were proper pop-rock but the latest album has so many folk and indie
influences, the fourth album is even more promising so they say. I don’t know
why people always seem to have an opinion ready about these five boys, without
even listening to their songs. They have this way of combining and mixing
together so many different genres, so there’s really a song to anyone’s taste.
Just keep an open mind, they’re not a children’s act, they’re five young adults
making music nothing wrong with that right?

Two. Your daily dose of much needed girl power, Little Mix. Four British girls,
such a great inspiration for every girl
out there. They never fail to make me feel good about myself. If I’m not
listening to their songs, I’m looking at their outfits, hair colours, make-up
etc. Something these girls thought me is that it isn’t a bad thing to be
yourself, even if the whole world is watching you. Ever since they won The
X-Factor, they haven’t changed a single bit they’re only getting closer to who
they want to be. To me (and all the fans) they are the queens of harmonising,
literally they will give you goose bumps within seconds just listen to Turn Your Face. The day they perform nearby me, will be one of the greatest days
in my life. They inspire me in so many ways, I would love to have the opportunity
to see them live (tears will be falling).

Three. Girl power presented in a different way, Haim. My latest discovery
actually, it has become an obsession. I’m talking playing the album Day Are Gone non-stop for over two weeks, yes
it’s that bad
. Three mega cool sisters who’ve stolen my heart. Their music
is a great mixture of truly anything. When
I listen to them I become happy, relaxed and amazed by their talent. It appears
that they are actually better during live performances, which I find hard to
believe as I am already loving the studio versions. It doesn’t matter what your
musical taste is, you need a little
Haim in your life we all do. The fact
that bands are usually dominated by guys in the music industry, makes Haim such
a rare phenomenon. Not only are they a band made out of girls, they are a band
appreciated mostly by male band members. The fact that other great musicians I
love to listen to actually admire Haim for the music they make, says it all to
me really. Anything you do, Haim will do
it better.
That’s just the way it is.

Four. Happiness dressed in black, The 1975. God, I love this band.
Never thought I would, to be completely honest. They come across as dark and
sad, since they’re always dressed in black and all their videos are black and
white. The truth is that they are anything but dark and sad, I love their music
I could listen to their album for days. Again, a band that mixes different
genres and just completely ace it. I actually started listening to them because
I came across the cover of What Makes You Beautiful, which is (this
hurts to say) even better than the original. There, I said it. That song has such a strong emotional meaning for
me since that was the song that made me fall in love with One Direction, but
damn The 1975 gave it such an incredible spin! I’m going to see them live in
October and I literally can’t wait any longer!

Five. It’s between London Grammar and Lorde, I love
both but who will get the spot? Since I still couldn’t decide after almost an
hour of thinking, I made my decision in a very mature way. I decided that
whoever came first on shuffle gets the spot… It was London Grammar. If you haven’t
hear their songs yet, I suggest you should search their album right now on
YouTube. Hannah has such an extremely beautiful voice and I love that most of
their music is pretty moody, I have a feeling that I will listen to them even
more during autumn/winter. I’m also going to see them in October, which I am
actually very curious about since I’ve never been to a concert with calm music. Until now I’ve always been
dancing and screaming the night away at shows!

believe I actually did this! You should probably ask me this question again
sometime next year, I promise you the answer will be different. Who are your
favourite musicians?

Lots of Love,




  1. Ago Prime
    July 24, 2014 / 9:19 am

    Fantastic post..!

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    July 24, 2014 / 2:35 pm

    Great post ! I love getting music suggestionsMadeline | Its a Mads Mads World