Look of the Day: Burgundy

For me
burgundy is the new black. I’ve been loving this colour for two years in a row
now and I still can’t seem to get enough of it. Whenever I find myself wearing
this colour after a long time, I instantly fall back in love with it. To me,
just like black, it’s such a versatile colour. I honestly never have trouble
with styling this shade of red/purple, it goes with everything from black to

I know that
this post is a bit autumn like but
the truth is that the weather has been a bit crazy lately. A few weeks ago it
was over 26 degrees Celsius, everyone was wearing shorts and now only two weeks
later it’s literally like autumn. Yesterday I even wore my winter coat without
being overheated whatsoever! I might just have a little photo-shoot with all my summer outfits on a nice day, since I don’t
think I’ll have enough days left to show you them! #Dutchsummer

Although I
can’t complain, summer isn’t really my favourite season to be honest. It might
be because I always get hay-fever which makes my eyes look really red and just
weird in general. Also, I don’t really like being in the sun too much. I really
envy people who can just lay in the sun for hours and hours, I personally hate that feeling. To me it feels like
someone is literally burning my skin, I just can’t stand the heat. Having a
sensitive skin really sucks at times 🙁








Lots of




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