Saturday Inspiration: Coachella 2014

Coachella, oh
how I wish I could be there… I’m not the typical festival type, but my hart
just skips a beat at the mention of this ah-mazing
festival. Honestly, calling Coachella a festival is a bit of an understatement don’t you agree with me?

For this ‘Saturday Inspiration’ I wanted to listen to my inner hippie and pick a few Coachella outfits I loved, some pictures
of the impressive views and of course pictures of celebrities! I’ve got to say,
Vanessa Hudgens sure knows how to
bring her inner hippie to live! Out of all celebrities, her outfits are
definitely my favourite. Every year she manages to look flawless! I also loved
Selena Gomez´s lace dress, it gave her outfit such a great vibe, perfect for a
festival like Coachella!

Who are your favourites?



Lots of Love,




  1. Karolina Havlíková
    April 19, 2014 / 7:23 am

    You have a great blog:-). Follow you on GFC and hope you follow me back:-)

    • Savannah Giersthove
      April 19, 2014 / 8:22 am

      Thank you sweetie, followed you back! xoxo Savannah

  2. Jules
    April 19, 2014 / 10:44 am

    Heerlijk, al die festival outfits! Jules x

  3. Laura
    April 19, 2014 / 2:35 pm

    You've got such an amazing blog, what do you think of following each other? LAURA xx

  4. Aya
    April 19, 2014 / 4:07 pm

    I did a very similar post to this one – I love coachella style & think that the outfits are absolutely fantastic. xx

    • Savannah Giersthove
      April 21, 2014 / 8:06 am

      Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one thinking like that! Hahaha xoxo Savannah

  5. Sindy Ng
    April 19, 2014 / 9:19 pm

    I love festival fashion! wish it was hot enough in UK for these clothes!

    • Savannah Giersthove
      April 21, 2014 / 8:08 am

      Oh, how I would enjoy life then! Unfortunately the Dutch weather is very similar to the weather in the UK 🙁 xoxo Savannah

  6. Melanie C.
    April 20, 2014 / 4:37 am

    Amazing looks! Thanks for sharing! xx,

  7. Leah Symonne
    April 20, 2014 / 5:38 am

    such great pictures, love the styles! x leah symonne

  8. Kelly Han
    April 20, 2014 / 9:22 pm

    I'm seriously so obsessed with the fashion at Coachella! Great post ;)Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! :)♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡P.S. Thanks for such a sweet comment on my blog! It really made me smile xx