Lifestyle: Justin Timberlake in Concert

Last Friday
I went all the way to the other side of the country, to see Justin Timberlake perform! I bought the
tickets about half a year ago, as a birthday present for my mum, who is
celebrating her birthday today

It was
quite the road trip as we had to
drive for about 2 hours to get to the venue. However it was so worth it! We
killed time by listening to some old albums from Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and
The Spice Girls. Once we arrived in Arnhem
traffic got a little worse, guess we weren’t the only ones willing to travel
across the country for Justin! 

parking the car we still had to find a place to eat. Thank God there was a
McDonalds right beside the venue and oh
, it was crowded! We even had to walk
the ‘Drive Through’, something that
has been on my bucketlist for a long

Now that
our stomachs were no longer empty it was time to go inside and search for our
seats. Somehow the seats got rearranged and we got better seats than the ones we paid for, score! The venue was pretty
big, but luckily we weren’t seated too far away from the stage. Unfortunately
the iPhone camera wasn’t good enough to capture the actual view we had, so I
made a lot of videos!

Justin is a
legendary performer, his voice is flawless
and his moves are smooth. He
performed with an entire orchestra, which was so beautiful to see and hear! The
show was a mixture of old and new songs, which I personally think is absolutely
amazing. Of course I like the new songs, but hearing all the old hits live just
gives you that nostalgic feeling, by taking you back in time. Also the organisation
was very impressive, the show started 21.00 pm sharp

all things come to an end, so did the concert… My mum and I had an
unforgettable evening! If you have the opportunity to see Justin Timberlake
live, take it! It won’t be something
you regret at all.

Lots of Love,


PS: I’ve made a few changed to the blog! As you might have noticed, there’s a new top bar which scrolls along with you. It took me quite a while to figure that thing out, but I managed! Also, I wrote a new ‘About Me’ page as the old one was from about four years ago… Hope you like it!



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