Liebster Award


Today I
have something quite different for you! Recently I got nominated for a Liebster Award by two lovely readers Laura and Cindy. When I saw their comments I got so excited! I heard about this blogger to blogger award before and the
fact that it was now my turn to pass
it along is just truly overwhelming! Alright it’s not an actual award, but knowing that other bloggers recognise and love
your work indeed feels like I just won an Oscar. The Oscar for blogging!

The rules are pretty simple:

– Add
a link to the blogger who nominated you for this award

– Write
11 random facts about yourself

– Answer
the 11 given questions by the blogger who nominated you

– Now
it’s your turn to nominate 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers (you can’t 

  nominate bloggers who have
nominated you)

– Think
of 11 questions your nominees have to answer

– Let
the nominees know that they’re nominated!

Radom Facts

1.  Ever
since I was in kindergarten I wanted to become a fashion designer, however I
found out that drawing isn’t really a talent of mine. I then wanted to become a
stylist, but figured that (back then) everyone was already a stylist. So ultimately
I discovered what I really wanted to
do, work as a journalist for various magazines/TV shows and blogs?!

2.  I
can count my best friends on one hand. Please don’t feel sorry for me, I did
this on purpose! When I was younger I always used to get hurt by my so called friends, which made me realise
that I can never really trust other people. However, not everyone is the same –
luckily and I do have a few close
friends I can count on at all times.

3.  Quitting
my dance class is probably one of my biggest regrets in live so far. I used to
dance ballet for years and years and got to audition for a ballet academy in
Amsterdam. When my ballet teacher told me about my invitation I was so happy! Unfortunately
they didn’t accept me, after that disappointment I decided to quit dancing
ballet. Instead I thought that I would like other styles such as jazz and street
dance, but I didn’t and eventually quit dancing all together. At the time I was
still pretty young and never had to deal with rejection before. Now that I’m
older I basically don’t take no for an answer, I will try everything I can to
make things work (I do know when to stop though). As dancing was one of my
biggest hobbies, I would’ve had to try harder, practise those moves even more
and just try again.

4.  People
always think that I’m really smart since I always get good grades and never really failed a test. The truth is that
I hardly ever study for exams. I have no idea how I pass them? I’m not very
smart at all, I forget stuff all the time
and the simplest things seem so hard for me to understand sometimes…

5.  My
full name is Savannah Demi Mariah, my mum actually
named me after Demi Moore and Mariah Carey. Don’t
even ask

6.  My
orientation is so bad! The ‘walk into a
store from one direction, to leave the store walking into that same direction

kind. I don’t know how many times that has happened to me! My mum always laughs
at me, because I just keep doing it over and over again… To justify, I do have good orientation in other
countries. No matter how many small streets, I will know how to get back to the main street without getting lost! Guess
we all have talents of our own 😉

7.  London
and Barcelona are my two favourite cities in the world! Alright, let’s not get
crazy I haven’t even travelled the entire world. But you get what I mean right?
With both I just had that magical feeling
I can’t explain. I felt at home even though it was my first time visiting the
city. Now I’ve been to Barcelona a couple of times and I’m going back to London
in two months! I could easily see myself living in one of these cities.

8.  I’m
a very sweet girl, I will never do things to hurt others or start yelling first. When people mess with me however,
it’s a completely different story. If people get me angry, like reaaallly angry they better watch out.
Don’t worry though, I don’t get angry very easily! Throughout the 18 years that
I’ve been living, I think I’ve only gotten really
angry twice.

9.  You
can refer to me as your typical girly girl,
I love fashion, beauty, chick flicks etc. There’s one thing about me though
that’s completely the opposite. I love, love love football (the European kind). I will watch every singly World
Cup game and scream my lungs out for
my team! Although I’m Dutch, I didn’t support the Dutch team in the finals four
years ago… In fact I supported the Spanish team, because I think they’re just
so good and I love to see how two rivals (Real Madrid – FC Barcelona) can play
together in such harmony. But let’s not get into all the details shall we, my
love for this sport requires its own post – or
even an entire blog

10. I
live alone with my mother, since my parents separated when I was little and I
have no siblings. In fact, I don’t even know
my father or his family. Honestly, I’m so happy with that. I see so many of my
friends with issues, all because their parents are separating or have already
separated. Having to deal with divorce/separation comes with many issues especially for the kids. As for me, I
have never dealt with these things. It was always just my mum and her side of
the family. I got to grow up without arguments
etc. and I’m very grateful for that.

11. A
few years ago I got to play in a commercial along with many other kids, however
the brand never showed us! The commercial did air on TV, but they completely
cut out the part with the kids. Now I keep wondering that it might be my fault
that they couldn’t use the footage?

since I got nominated by two bloggers I have 22 questions two answer. Therefore
this post will be slightly different and longer, but hey, rules are made to be
broken right?

up are Laura’s questions:

1. If you went on Come Dine With Me what would
your menu be?

perfect menu would be either a small quiche or caprese salad, followed by any
type of pasta and chocolate cake for dessert (anything chocolate related will
do). Now I’m hungry…

2. What is your earliest memory?

earliest memory is probably one of my little (huge) play corner that took up almost half of the living room and
me playing with the toys. I think I was about a year or two at the time.

3.What is your dream job?

I would
love to become an entertainment/fashion journalist for an influential channel
like E! or MTV or work for a fashion magazine like Glamour or Vogue.

4.Indian or Chinese food?

I’d go
for Indian anytime! I’m mostly Indian so I grew up with eating those dishes and
I don’t really like Chinese food to be honest. You wouldn’t see me order a
Chinese take-out very easily.

5.What is your most cringeworthy moment?

Oh god,
I have so many! Let me think… Alright I think I got it, it’s not really
cringeworthy but more of a huge fail.
When I went to Barcelona, I spoke Spanish to a girl working in Bershka. I asked
her if she could help me find the shoes I like in my size, all in Spanish. It went perfectly until I got this stupid word
wrong, I honestly can’t really remember what I tried to say but it was such a
fail that she immediately switched to English… So far for practising my

6.What is the most romantic thing you’ve done?

honestly never been in a relationship before, so all my romantic acts haven’t
really gotten a chance to shine yet. 

7.Favourite type of biscuit? (The most revealing
of all questions)

chip until I die!

8.Would you rather have hands for feet or have
your head on backwards?

for feet! Can you imagine how sweet it would be if you had two pairs of extra
hands? You could type a blogpost and
eat a (chocolate chip) cookie while tweeting your friends!

9.What do you call one of these (if you don’t get
it,it may be a English thing but give us your answer anyway!) 

To me it
looks like a roll?

10. What do you consider to be your best feature?
(Feel proud of yourself)

things I always get complimented about are my hair, my cheekbones and ‘perfect’
I consider my hair and skin to be my best features. 
I have a love hate relationship with my hair, I do feel blessed to have such a headful
of long thick hair. As for my skin, I
that I’m able to leave the house without wearing any make-up at all and still look decently.

11. You start a new game of Pokemon, do you choose
fire, water or grass type?

Can I
just say that I love this question!
Pokemon used to be one of my favourite shows! I think I would use a fire type,
since fire is very destructive, however the water types are always so

it’s time for Cindy’s questions:

1. Can you tell everything to your closest friend/friends?

Yes, we
do tell each other a lot!

2. What’s five things you love about yourself and
your life?

I’m not
sure whether I’m supposed to do five each or five in total, so I’ll just do
five in total. 1. I love my sense of humour, I literally always laugh about my own jokes! 2. I love that I always keep
trying when things don’t work out at the beginning 3. I love the relationship I
have with my mum, she’s my best friend and I can’t imagine having a different
relationship with her at all 4. I love all
the things I’ve experienced through my life, yes everything. The good, the bad, I love it all, they made me to who I
am today 5. I love all the people I have in my life, I’ve carefully selected a
group of people whom I can rely on and have fun times with.

3. Have you ever been serious ill?

no, but I have had surgery twice last summer. I used to have asthma, but
luckily that went away when I got older. Now the only things I suffer from are
hay fever and eczema.

4. What would you tell your 5-years-old self?

tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out, talk a bit louder and be a pit
prouder. Tell her she’s beautiful, wonderful anything that she doesn’t see’ –
Little Me by Little Mix

5. Do you collect anything and what?

I used
to collect little Diddle stationary items, it was this huuuge trend back in the day! Now I try to collect a little
souvenir from every place that I visit.

6. How did you come up with your blog name?

personally think Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages and I just love
my life, or at least try to love it at all
! Therefore ‘Mi Vida Bonitaa’ (My Beautiful Life) seemed like a great
way to remind myself to love life! As for the second ‘a’ that’s just because
the normal version was already taken hahaha :p

7. What’s your favorite book and why?

I don’t read a lot, I hardly ever have the time and when I do have time I
usually read magazines. I do love reading though and I would love to have the
discipline to make time to read
books. I’m currently reading a fanfic (don’t
) called After. It’s a One
Direction based story, however it turned out to be a whole trilogy and the characters
are far from relatable to One Direction. It’s such a beautiful and also painful
love story, I can’t get enough of it! While reading these books you actually feel hurt and betrayed yourself,
I love when a book is written so well that you
feel the character’s emotions.

8. If you had to live another place in the world
for the rest of your life (excluding where you live now), where should it be
and why?

I would
choose London without a doubt! Although I love Barcelona just as much, Spanish
is still pretty hard for me. So London would be the best place, since I already
speak the language. As I’ve mentioned before it’s such a magical place to me, I
feel so relaxed and at home in that city. The people are so kind, I love the afternoon tea and British
fashion/music are my favourite as is British humour! The only thing that would
bother me is the weather, but Dutch weather is practically the same so it’s
nothing new for me.

9. Does your friends or family know you have a

Everyone knows! I used to post links on Facebook so
people would find out eventually. Recently I opened a separate Facebook page and invited all my friends/family to like it. Now I often get compliments about
my posts from them.

10. What’s the story about your first love?

story still has to be written! Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when it happens.

11. What’s the funniest or most embarrassing thing
that has ever happen to you?

My life
is one big joke, I have so many funny moments and inside jokes with friends
it’s crazy! For example; when I went to a One Direction concert last year my
mum and I really had to pee. However the first support act had already begun
and I didn’t want to miss a second of One Direction. When you’re Savannah, you
just go to the nearest security guy, ask him ‘Sir do I have enough time to pee
before One Direction comes on’ and look as if it’s the most important question
ever. The security guy started
laughing (of course) and told me that I had plenty of time and should just go
already! Oh the life of a fangirl

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Questions to Answer:

What is
your favourite dish?

you rather be a fan of One Direction or Justin Bieber?

If you
could only use one type of transport
for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Tell us
your biggest fail/most embarrassing
moment in life

Do you
like avocado?

your favourite sport, if you don’t like sports which one do you hate the least?

Why did
you start blogging?

What are
you the most proud of about yourself? (Don’t be humble, I asked you to tell me
this you’re not bragging at all!)

If you
could go back in time and change one
thing, what would you change and why?

you rather eat chocolate for the rest of your life (only chocolate) or have
absolutely no tea anymore for the rest of your life

I’d like
to know one more random fact about you! 

Phew, that’s it! What a post, but it was really fun doing this! Hope you like getting to know me a little bit more. May the new nominees enjoy their time with this award as much as I did! 

Lots of Love,




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