New in Winter Sales: Jumpers, Blouses, Camis and Tops

As promised, the remaining items I bought during the ‘Winter Sales’ last month!

This post features a lot of jumpers since I’ve somehow got to stay warm during these cold months. Also, there are two ‘vintage’ items I’m very happy with now! My Mum was sorting out her closet and I spotted these gorgeous crop tops, click the ‘read more’ link to find out what it is that I’m talking about!

Lot’s of Love,


It was love at first sight with this jumper. There’s simply no other way to explain this!I love the simplicity of this jumper, but at the same time, the heart is pretty special with the print it is made of.

You know me, and my love for blouses. This adorable blouse was just too pretty and I couldn’t resist buying it..

Vintage item number 1! My Mum bought this little cropped jumper years and years ago at Miss Selfridge!It really was a long time ago, since we don’t even have that store in The Netherland anymore!I’m pretty surprised by how new this jumper still looks! To me, this is very timeless, versatile and I can’t wait to wear it!

This jumper is so beautiful, I love the slouchy look it has. It’s pretty thin so I could easily wear this during spring/summer on slight colder days. But what I love most are the details. As you can see, this jumper is multi coloured, in the most discreet way possible. The various soft colours really complement each other and complete the entire look. 

You will never believe this, but I only paid 1 euro, yes one, for this cami! I consider this one to be a very early summer purchase. But we have to start with building ourselves a pretty summer collection at some point, and for only one euro this is a pretty good start!

It’s a jumper, with hearts. Do I need to say more?Oh, right! It happens to be in my favourite autumn/winter colour as well!

Vintage item number 2! Also from my Mum, a beautifully printed shirt, bought years ago at Morgan.Just like the jumper, this shirt looks like I just bought it! I can’t imagine how they are still in such good condition!The only thing that blows the cover is the label, which is about to come off.But that’s easily fixed, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Oh my, I love this crop top! However, it might not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.I just adore the velvet, burned out look and the burgundy colour.I wish I had this top around the holiday season! Just like the cami, I only paid one euro for this top. What a bargain!