New In: Autumn Pieces

Somehow this year’s summer didn’t satisfy me at all.

Maybe that’s because of what happened to me a few months ago.

But even now, when I’ve been healthy for quite a while, I still don’t seem to like this hot weather.

The truth is, very unlike me, I have been looking forward for autumn to arrive.

Since we’re going back to almost tropical weather next week,

I’ll have to get over my issues and just wear my summer wardrobe! 

The clothing items I bought are all screaming autumn, as you can see.

For now, I don’t have much of a choice but to put them away.

To get things clear, I’m not looking forward to rain at all! Just the cooler temperatures.

Let’s hope that this year’s autumn won’t disappoint me…

Wish me luck!

Lots Of Love,


After waiting for almost a month, I could finally get my hands on these lovely cut out boots!I’ve been wearing them nonstop ever since I bought them!!

The “Love To Lounge” says it all….
This was love at first sight. Don’t you just love the pattern on the fabric?Kimonos are one of the trends which make me even more impatient for autumn!

I might have to explain this one…You either love them or you hate them, and I L O V E themDisco pants just stole my heart when I was in London.At first I wasn’t sure if I could pull off wearing these.When I saw these babies in River Island I just couldn’t resist!Every girl needs a pair of some good old ”Sandy from Grease” trousers!What surprises me most, is the fact that they’re actually very flattering!I am going to wear these disco pants a lot!

When you live in a -mostly- cold country you better invest in buying some lovely cardigans.This one is so comfortable but still looks very fashionable.Please do talk some sense into me when this is the only thing I keep wearing this autumn, thank you 🙂