New In: Beauty products

Over the past few weeks, or even months I guess, I’ve bought some beauty products I’d love to share with you!

If I’m right, this is actually the first post ever about beauty products…

Recently I’ve been paying a lot more attention to make-up.

I think that has something to do with my latest obsession, which is watching YouTube channels.

Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking all those years!!

I used to think that YouTube was boring, mainly because I’d only watch music videos.

Now that I discovered that there is so much more to watch on YouTube I am seriously addicted!

Anyway, lets get to the point.

Some products I got as gifts for my graduation, but I bought most of them myself.

Can you believe that this is my first Victoria’s Secret item ever?? I know, it’s such a shame!I got this body lotion as a graduation gift, and I absolutely love it!It smells amazing and is really moisturizing! I need to buy more VS products ASAP!
Personally, I’m not a big fan of face make-up.Just the idea of covering your face in foundation or powder makes me ichy already!Although, some days I really want something to make my skin look a bit more flawless.That’s why I bought this Maybeline BB Cream, which has a light coverage.I’ve got to say that I quite like it, I don’t love it yet, but I’m going to give it some time.
Can I just say; OH MY AUSSIE!!! I absolutely L O V E this brand!!As you already know I’ve got curly hair.The problem is just that it’s not really that curly, I don’t know how to explain this.Let’s just say my hair is a major mixture of different types.That makes it really hard for me to find the perfect hair products, believe me it’s a never ending search!Well, it looks like my search has ended after all those years!About two weeks ago just after work, I walked into the drugstore and something just told my to buy this.That’s exactly what I did, and oh my god I love these products so much!It’s moisturizing, it makes my hair less frizzy and it smells so so so good!After just one wash I was could already see the difference in my hair.Maybe I should do an enitre post about these two because they made me life much easier!
This was also a gift for my graduation.Normally I’m not able to use every body lotion, because I’ve got eczema.But, I got this amazing idea (even if I say so myself)!Why keep buying these expensive perfumes, when they all come with a similar body lotion?That’s right, I bet you never even thought about that!This lotion smells as strong as the perfume and I think it even lasts longer!So I’m not using this as a body lotion, but as a perfume!This way, I’ve got much more product, the smell lasts longer and it was much cheaper!
These were on sale recently and I just couldn’t resist buying them!I haven’t tried them on yet, because the colors are a bit more for autumn/winter than summer I think.

This was also a gift. I have not tried it yet, but I’m a big fan of the Rituals products so I’m very excited!
Lipstick has to be my favorite make-up.Although I absolutely love this color, I do not like the formula at all!It makes my lips super dry, and it becomes really flaky.Besides, the “Super Stay” is actually the opposite..Once I wore this lipstick to dinner, after one or two bites it completely dissapeared!It’s very disappointing, because Maybelline I usually one of my favorite brands.Maybe it’s just the one lipstick I bought, or they’re all like this, but sadly I won’t buy another one.

These were also on sale….I absolutely love these colors as well, burgundy never fails me and this blue is so beautiful!These nail polishes are actually pretty amazing! They last for about a week without chips!

 I hope you like the idea of seeing more beauty related posts on this blog..

Maybe I’ll even do a little post on the YouTubers I absolutely love!

We’ll see what happens!

Lots Of Love,