Bad Luck

It has been quite a while since I posted something on the blog.

So much has happened the past few weeks.

I don’t know where to start!

There’s only one way to describe what has happened to me; bad luck.

So here’s what happened…

As you know I was graduating high school, the final exams were about to begin.

Everything was under control, I was prepared and confident enough to take the exams.

All of a sudden I had this annoying pain by my tailbone.

I thought it was nothing too serious, 

so I decided to go to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute for my intake anyway.

What a horrible day!

I’m not going to discuss the details here,

 but I can tell you that the AMFI is not the place for me.

Somehow the people gave me the feeling that I was a complete idiot, 

while I was explaining what fashion means to me. 

I am not changing my opinion for anyone or anything.

It was my biggest dream to go to the AMFI but it just didn’t feel right.

That’s why I applied for European Studies.
It took me quite a while, and many tears, 
to realise that this is a much better ‘road’ for me.
European Studies is such a broad education, 
following this study instead of going to AMFI,
makes it easier for me to reach my goals.

‘Everything happens for a reason’ really helped me to accept what has happened to me.
Because while I was disappointed about the intake,
I got ill and needed surgery asap.
This might sound -look- worse than it actually was.
Thank God, I wasn’t in a life or death condition. 

As if I wasn’t going through enough already,
all of this happened during my final exams. 
Yes, that was probably the worst part.
I missed two exams, but luckily I could still take them a few weeks later.
Whoever might say that this is the best period of your life,
you are so wrong!!
Unforgettable, yes. But by far (hopefully) not the best period of my life.

Don’t worry though, because of my hard work and my talents I managed to graduate anyway!
I probably shouldn’t be joking right now ;p 
Seriously, being able to say that I’ve got my diploma is such a good feeling,
especially after all I had to deal with the last few weeks.

Right now I’m still recovering from surgery.
Hopefully I’ll be a 100% better very soon.
I’ve got loads of ‘New In’ posts coming up (all from pity shopping sprees)

My motto really has become ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.
I’ve overcome so many fears, I really surprised myself.
For example; I was terrified by hospitals and surgeries.
Now I have to go to the hospital every two wees until I’m fully recovered.
Not to mention that I had surgery twice!!! 
(The first time wasn’t sufficient) 

My life literally felt like a rollercoaster.
I’ve learned not to take anything for granted anymore,
everyday that you are able to wake up healthy is truly a blessing. 

Hopefully you’re not too upset with me not posting…
I also hope that you are informed now on what happened to me.
Excitement is an understatement to describe what I feel to be posting again!
Hopefully you are just as excited as I am!

Lots Of Love,


Me and my diploma, my story has a happy end after all…(Take that ‘bad luck’!)