Paris 2013

With a long weekend coming up I finally found the time to write a post about my trip to Paris!

Consider this as a warning: there are a lot of  pictures coming up.

As you already know I went to Paris last weekend with my French class.

We had such a great time, what can possibly go wrong when your with 7 girls right?

I already showed you what I bought, which wasn’t much…

Now it’s time to show you what we did besides shopping!

One thing is certain; I have never walked this much in my life!Coming from me that means a lot, since I (almost) always walk everywhere on holidays…

This summer I’m going to have some killer legs!

Lots Of Love,


Climbing the Eiffel Tower

Taking pics of the Underground is completely normal

Girls run this world!

Do the Eiffel Tower!

All pictures are by me and my friends 🙂