Working out

Since I’ve got more spare time, I started working out!

It feels so great to challenge your body.

Maybe I’ll feel more comfortable on the beach this year…

Anyway, I am totally in love with Cassey Ho from!

She’s such an inspiration to me and she really motivates me, which is hard!

Hahahahaha :p

Also, my timing couldn’t have been better.

Primark just introduced us to a great workout collection!What’s not to like about fashionable and cheap workout clothes right?

Seems like I am out of excuses not to workout…

That’s why I already bought myself a crop top.

Next week I am going to buy leggings, a yoga mat and not to forget some trainers.

Wearing lovely clothes makes working out even better! 

We’ve got to keep it fashionable at all times.

Lots Of Love,