Wish List: Topshop

Lace panel shell top – 39 euros

Earlier this week I’ve told you about my latest obsession.

Here’s what I’d love to buy from topshop.com!

Since my payday is coming closer and closer, I really have to figure out what to buy!

In other words; I don’t have enough money to buy everything…

To be honest with you, this was really hard for me.

How could I possibly think about buying these lovely dresses, when it’s still so cold outside!

Seems like this year’s spring won’t be so hot at all…

Maybe I should buy some more sweaters, since I’m running out of my winter wardrobe.

Hopefully we’ll get those hot days soon!

These clothes will definitely bring me in the summer mood anyway.

Lots Of Love,


Stripe shift dress – 49 euros
Scuba seamend shift dress – 62 euros
Ditsy origami skirt – 52 euros
60s Lace panel shift dress – 60 euros
Jacquard trousers – 52 euros

Should I go for red or white?
Aztec jumper – 55 euros
Aztec trousers – 36 euros
MOTO stripe jeans – 52 euros
Lasercut playsuit – 60 euros
Floral chain bracelet – 8 euros
Spike twist bangle – 11 euros
Paisley Jacquard playsuit – 85 euros
Triangle crop top by Oh My Love – 36 euros
Or should I go for this colour?

 All from topshop.com 


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  1. Sabina T
    March 25, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    That lace panel top looks fab, but I think I like the pants even more!! :)Lots of love,Sabina XxxFind out how YOU can be featured on my blog!