London 2013

Finally, I’ve got the energy to blog about my city trip to London!

Remember how much I love Barcelona?

I love London almost as much! 

The only thing that keeps Barcelona on top is the weather…

I can’t complain though, we’ve had no rain at all!

Just a little bit snow, that’s all!

London is huge, there’s so much more I need to see.

A long weekend wasn’t enough.

That’s a great excuse to go back, right! 

Somehow I really felt like I was home in London.

I could see myself living there for sure.

Here are some high lights from my trip!

There is also a ”New In” post coming up.

The stores in London are insane!

Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it!Every shop is huge, with a very vast collection.

I’ve got to admit, everyone says London is so expensive,

but I don’t really get why they say that?

In my opinion nothing was too expensive.

(Except for the afternoon tea in Harrods)

Besides the ”New In” post there’s also a post about the concert coming up!

One last thing;

the people in London are so stylish!

London really has it’s own style and I love it!

I am really inspired by the ”London style”.

Also, I’ve got two new favorite shops: Topshop and River Island!

You will read about my experience with them in the New In post! 

Lot’s Of Love,