Lifestyle: More Space

Lately I’ve been blogging a few ‘New In’ posts..

In other words: I’ve been shopping a lot!!

Right now, its seems like I don’t have enough space for everything!

There are two things I could do:

I could stop buying so many clothes/accessories, or I could create more space.

Number two is exactly what I am going to do.

My room isn’t really that big, my closet nearly takes all the space.

Right after my last exam week I am going to start my room make-over!

First, I am going to buy a new bed which will be a bit smaller (I need more space remember)

Then I am going to create my room into a semi-walk in closet!

Semi, because I’ve also got to sleep and study in my room..

I will show you the before and after when it’s done.

Here are some pictures of how many clothes I’ve got…..

Don’t judge me, please!


Lots Of Love,