NEW IN: My Week Of Bad Luck

Smile, and positive things will come to you

Last week completely felt like it was a Monday on repeat.

Every day I had a little accident (or two) which could only happen on a Monday.

 Those horrible bad luck incidents that ruin your day! Do you know what I mean?Well imagine that happening to you the entire week!

No, this week was not really my week…

Until Friday! My lovely friends (here they are) managed to get tickets for a BeyoncĂ© concert!!!!

How amazing is that??!

Seriously, I didn’t care about my horrible week anymore when they told me the good news.

Seems like my “I am not going to behave depressive because of my bad week” mood really paid off! 

I persevered to stay positive through all the bad luck and look at the result!

OK, I’ve got to admit I almost lost my positive energy on Thursday…

During my little shopping spree I couldn’t find anything I was looking for!

Only the sunnies were actually on my list….

However, I am happy with the items which did catch my eye.

Note to self/life lesson:

Remember to stay positive no matter what has happened!

You never know what positive there’s coming after all.

Lots Of Love,


Loving my cat eye sunnies 
Baby blue tweed jacket, perfect for summer!

Sweet pastel pink hair clip 
Rodeo style blouse

Fitting the clothes… I already have two outfits hahaha