BtB- Elie Saab

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A household name when it comes to the red carpet,

dresses which will make you feel like a princess.

Does this ring a bell to you?

Elie Saab is all about romanance, soft, sophisticated femininity. 
But how exactly did this wonderful fairy-tale journey begin?

What does Elie Saab stand for? 

Why do the celebs all fancy Elie Saab when it comes to gowns? 

Elie Saab was born in 1964 in Lebanon.
Dressmaking created his attention at the early age of 9.
He is a self-taught designer who made dresses for his sisters.
When Elie Saab got older he sold creations to interested neighbours.

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His first couture atelier opened in Beirut.
Elie Saab was only 18 years old by the time,
but he was already a professional when it comes to dressmaking.
The brand’s reputation spread quickly after presenting the first collection.
Almost everyone was won over by Elie Saab’s talent, 
especially high class woman longed for an Elie Saab gown. 

Being a worldwide brand does not mean Elie Saab has forgotten where he came from.
In fact Beirut, where he opened his first atelier, still is the most important source of inspiration.
All the haute couture gowns are made in the Elie Saab atelier and are passed through the designer. The atelier remains the hart of the savoir-fair (know-how) and the excellence of the brand’s achievements.

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Working with delicate embroideries and fine materials, Elie Saab enlarges femininity. 
Simple designs alongside precious resources with an addition of sophistication are used to create the fairy-tale gowns.
Elie Saab catches our eyes with intricate details and a strong sense of beauty. 
A gown which highlights a woman’s silhouette is Elie Saab’s specialty. 

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? 
Celebrities have the perfect opportunity to show up in an amazing gown on the red carpet.
Stars like Keira Knightley, Doutzen Kroes, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis all fell in love with Elie Saab’s designs.

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Could we possibly blame them? 
If I had to show up on the red carpet I’d love to wear Elie Saab as well!
The designer himself said he’d rather see celebs in his gowns than models on the catwalk,
since celebrities are ”real woman” with a real body.
They would do the gowns more justice.

The coorporation with celebrities really shows off,
the designer won “Red Carpet Designer of 2012” and ”Couturier of 2012”.
Most of the celebs wearing Elie Saab end up getting spot on the “Best Dressed” list. 

I think I am speaking for all of us when I say we’re all dreaming of wearing an Elie Saab dress!

” If I hadn’t been a determined person I wouldn’t have succeeded in life. ” 

– Elie Saab

Lots Of Love,