My outfits

It’s finally hot! Summer is near, time to get dressed up! So I guess you all know the trends… Let me show you what I was wearing this week!

Tuesday: My hot pink dress with a look-a-like biker jack, a panty and some short black boots. I honestly think this is my “killer” dress. I adore it! I love the whole “color blocking” trend, it’s so me! I’ve always loved color but I was afraid to wear it. But now that it’s a trend, you’ll see me in color very often!

Wednesday: A soft pink blazer, a strapless striped top with a red bow, boy friend fit jeans and beige high heels. This outfit is way more casual, I mostly do over the top and then casual, cause I live in an up coming city. People here aren’t used to fashionistas -if I can call myself one-. 

Thursday: too bad I didn’t take a picture that day. My outfit was AMAZING! Even if  I say so myself ;p I was wearing a chiffon off-white blouse, navy high-waisted shorts and brown/beige wedge heels. Ok I’ll wear it again and take a pic! Not this month of course ;p

Friday: Jeans jacket with soft pink stains, kind of washed with pink? And a maxi black/white strapless dress. Oh and my beloved red sunglasses! This is kind of a beachy outfit, but I like it cause it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a thing. It’s so comfy! 

Be true to your style.

xoxo Moi

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  1. JoannaHelena
    May 16, 2011 / 6:09 pm

    Jammer dat de foto's zo klein zijn… :(Die van Woensdag en Vrijdag vind ik heel leuk! (En die van Donderdag klinkt ook heel leuk, haha) 🙂