Thursday, 8 November 2018

#SavingwithSavannah one item styled four ways

Back when I just started university I decided to cut my hair short, to travel almost every month and to learn how to live with less clothes. I was fascinated by the capsule wardrobe movement and tried to give it a go myself. Obviously I failed, but in my own way I also accomplished a lot. Shopping became a treat, not a need and I suddenly managed to go away for over a week with just my carry-on instead of my 20kg massive suitcase full of clothes but nothing to wear. 

Looking back at those years I am grateful that I proved to myself that I can in fact live with a closet that isn't filled to the brim. As a matter of fact, I am much happier, much more creative and get ready quicker in the mornings now that I have less clothes. So when the time came to say goodbye to my regular shopping sprees in order to afford food and to hopefully save a little, I didn't struggle that much. 

In today's #SavingwithSavannah I want to show you that having a closet filled with the right clothes is all that matters. First things first, in order for this to work you will need to go through all your clothes to see what you have worn in the last 12 months. Anything that you haven't worn needs to go on 'probation'. If you don't wear an item in the next months it needs to go. 

My main struggle was having a closet full of statement trousers, skirts, printed tops and bold dresses. Nothing I could actually wear together. That is why my new shopping rule is this: Can I wear this with at least two items already in my closet? If the answer is yes, I can treat myself to a new item. If the answer is no, it becomes a matter of how much do I love this and do I think I will wear this a lot in the coming months? 

Somehow I had this thing against basics, I never used to get the right ones and ended up buying about 5 different black t-shirts that I would literally never wear. Then I discovered the humble turtle neck and I was instantly sold. This particular basic might have become my signature top because I will wear a roll neck nearly everyday in winter! They are just so easy to style, you can make them casual or smart and most importantly they keep you warm! 

The roll neck has literally become the glue in my wardrobe. I wear mine under dresses, jackets or on their own. I have roll necks in navy, black, white, camel and burgundy and am definitely in the market for more colours. Since I discovered this item I have been able to create endless combinations with the clothes that are already in my closet. I can extend my summer wardrobe to early winter by adding that extra layer to keep me warm. 

You know how many times I surprised myself when the addiction kicked in and I sprinted to Oxford Street ready to throw my budgets out of the window and buy anything I laid eyes on? The answer is many times. I will see something I like, take it to the fitting room for further examination and come to the conclusion that:

  1. I can't wear this with at least two items already in my closet
  2. This is not flattering 
  3. This is not something I will still wear next year 
  4. The quality could be better
  5. A combination of the above 
Maybe I won't end up like Rebecca Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic after all... 

Lots of love,



  1. I love this! Mix and matching is the best. I hate being limited to one outfit look

    Vanessa X

  2. My wardrobe is in major need for a sort out, but then I think I definitely need to follow this thought process for shopping. I’ve started clearing out my clothes and already found a bunch of things still with labels on that I can’t fit into.xx

  3. Savannah, you are a genius styling your turtleneck this way, I almost didn't notice it was the same top! I too had to learn that my closet needed to be based on pieces filled for functionality and not of random pieces I bought because I was on a shopping craze. It's nice to have a closet filled with only the things you know you'll wear b/c you know you're money isn't going to waste :)

    Natonya |


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