Friday, 9 February 2018

Finding comfort and confidence in wearing swimwear*

It might be freezing cold outside where you are; it certainly is where I am… But it is never to early to think about spring and summer, especially when the days are slowly but surely getting longer again and the sun seems to be out more often. If you look beyond that cold crisp air, you can almost smell sweet spring approaching.

And what is spring/summer without an almost mandatory visit to the beach or a day at a pool? I think I have spent about one or two summers without a single visit to the beach and let me tell you those were the worsts summers of my life. There is just something special about the ocean that makes me so happy.

Getting past the fear of wearing swimwear

Now lets be real, bikini season also comes with the unnecessary insecurities and cover-ups.  Personally, it was only last summer that I gained somewhat more confidence to even post a picture of myself in swimwear on social media. I came to realise that, yes, there are things I would like to change about my body but that doesn’t mean that my body isn’t good or perfectenough now. Nobody is perfect, that’s also what makes us so unique. Learn to love (or at least come to terms with) your ‘imperfections’. 

Finding the right type of swimwear for your body shape

Most of this confidence is related to finding the right type of swimwear for you/your shape. I noticed I feel most comfortable and confident in one-pieces (click here for some inspiration). Somehow they seem to flatter my shape more and I also love the extra cover-up. The only way to find out which styles suit you best, or make you the most confident, is by trying as many as possible. Luckily, Zaful offer a great deal of affordable and fashionable swimsuits that might just be the ones for you!

If you are worried about tan lines, bikinis might be a more suitable option for you. There are so any different styles out there nowadays, I am sure you will find one that you like. Be it sporty, sexy, frilly or printed. Every year white bikinis seem to be having a moment. Just make sure that yours come with lining, otherwise you might end up flaunting more than just your gorgeous bikini! Here are some cute white swimsuits. 

If you haven't heard of the website before I highly recommend checking out the Zaful blog as they have some really cute clothes for affordable prices! 

Lots of Love,

*This post is a paid  for promotion for however all opinions and recommendations are my own. 



  1. So stunning post!! These products sound so good, that black body is so pretty. Have a lovely day

  2. My issue is not my body but my skin and I absolutely dread a bikini🙈

    1. I am sure you look gorgeous in a bikini love! Everyone's skin is different, that is what makes us unique xx


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