Friday, 16 February 2018

Dresses: Love or hate?*

Oh dresses, you either love them or hate them. Personally I am somewhere in between. I used to love a dress back in the day, went a bit crazy with trousers and now I seem to still opt for a pair of trousers more often than a dress. Just because they are easier to style, wearing a pretty dress more than once does get noticed more easily but fashion rules are made to be broken, correct?

Dresses, however, are my favourite come spring and summertime. There is just something about a flowy floral dress (try saying that quickly) that makes me so happy. I had a little browse on Zaful and came across a few dresses that I would love to wear this summer.

Transitional dresses

If there is such a thing as transitional dresses, think darker colours like burgundy or denim ones that are less obvious than floral ones. Burgundy is actually one of my favourite colours, even in spring I love to wear the deeper shade of red. It just looks so classy. When opting for a darker colour, the shape of the dress will have to make it obvious that spring is indeed on your mind. Definitely avoid anything velvet, instead satin or strappy dresses will be more suitable.

If colour isn’t really your thing, denim dresses are a really cute option as well. On colder days you can even wear a crisp white shirt underneath. These dresses are definitely not for hot summer days though, as denim can be quite hot and the lack of stretch very uncomfortable. I found really cute denim dresses here, which will be perfect this spring!

Dresses that scream summer

Unlike darker colours and denim, lace and floral dresses are the ambassadors of summers. What says summer more than a dress so cute you don’t know what is sweeter, your ice-cream with sprinkles or the dress… Personally, I am not a big fan of lace for during the day. I think it has to be absolutely right in order not to be too tacky. But I found a really nice tea length dress that is just so chic; I would happily make an exception for this dress. (Click here to see the lace dresses).

Yes, floral dresses are much more up my street come summertime. I don’t care if sometimes it is a very thin line between grandma’s curtains and a cute dress. If it is long, flowy and floral I am going to wear it. I just can’t help myself.

Which style is your favourite for spring/summer?

Lots of Love,

*This post is a paid  for promotion for however all opinions and recommendations are my own. 


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