Thursday, 11 January 2018

Plan Your Next Wild Adventure This Month*

There are few things in this life that bring more excitement than planning a holiday so why not start today and make this the year you stick to those resolutions, get out of the house, do more and see more. If like most people you're prone to the old January blues then you may want to get away as soon a possible. There are plenty of sunny destinations to choose from and if your budget is tight then the off peak seasons are the best time to bag yourself a bargain.

Getting cheap travel is a must

If you don't mind going airborne then your literally going to open yourself up to a world of travel. There are great websites online offering flights at rock bottom prices along with packaged deals. If you don't mind doing a bit of leg work then you could save a fortune by looking into your accommodation yourself. Find the cheapest flight and do the rest yourself. Jack’sflight club is a great place that finds seats on planes where companies are lowering their fares dramatically to sell off quickly.

Finding accommodation

Hotels are great in the off peak seasons where you can get a bargain deal on a good quality room but they aren't they only option on the market. This year you could be sunning yourself on the beach with coastal holiday rentals easier to get a hold of than ever before. More and more people are renting out their spare rooms online which opens up a whole new world of places to stay. Check out websites like air b & b where the host has been verified and most likely used before. This will be s good place to start as you can set yourself a price range to work with and read the reviews and comments from other customers.
There's nothing much beats the feeling of fresh air and sand under running under your feet whilst you're soaking up vitamin D from the sun. It's agreat place to think, read and plan the year ahead and hostels aren't just for the young wild adventurer these days. They welcome anyone and come with a range of facilities that cater to your needs. If you're travelling with family you could book out a whole room for four and if you don't mind sharing with others could find yourself a room as cheap as chips amongst twenty other sightseers. You'll always be able to find a hostel last minute and rarely need to book in advance of arrival.

*This is a contributed post
If you don't know where to go then you could always throw a dart at a map or check your travel diary to find out where you haven't been to yet. Your best option will be to go with the flow. If you welcome the idea of going anywhere then you won't be restricting yourself or your options. Lots of websites allow you to search for the cheapest possible option. Check out the area for safety and if you're happy enough with the results then it's time to pack some sunscreen.



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