Friday, 17 November 2017

The ultimate pieces to compliment your wardrobe: How to Avoid Looking Boring*

There are plenty оf times when we walk down the street and just can’t help turning our head and taking a second look at an outfit that just blows us away. Casual, yet elegant and chic. Don’t worry, those women are not wizards, they have just mastered the tricks for the perfect chic outfit, and you can do it too:

 Incorporate colors

Every good outfit should have something that draws attention, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to incorporate a distinct color scheme into your outfit. If you are not sure how to match colors, stick to a completely neutral palette, like beige or white, and add one or two bright accents, or find inspiration online.

Make sure that these details accentuate your flattering body parts, since all eyes are going to be on them. Belts, headbands, jewelry and bags are all great ways to incorporate some color. You can try different color styles like color blocking, stripes or plaid patterns.

Play with shapes

In recent years, we tend to believe that everything we wear needs to create a perfect hourglass silhouette. And while that might work for some people, a great way to make your outfit stand out is to create a unique shape. Wear a boxy jacket or bell-bottom jeans to achieve the desired effect. You don’t have to sacrifice showing off your enviable body shape while you’re doing this: wear a fitted shirt underneath your jacket to accentuate your figure while still keeping the unique overall shape.

Statement headpiece

No matter how wonderful your outfit might be, the majority of people will always be looking at your face. Add something interesting in that area by wearing a headpiece that will turn heads. Tie a scarf in a complementary color to draw attention to your eyes, or put on a baseball cap to give your outfit a laid-back vibe. Experiment with headbands, hairstyles and hats to find a style that you are comfortable with.

Animal prints

A lot of people tend to shy away from animal prints in their wardrobe thinking that the outfit will end up looking tacky or over-the-top. Actually, animal prints are a great way to add color and print to your style, and if you stick to just one printed item per outfit, you have nothing to be afraid of. If you want to ease into the world of animal prints, start off with accessories and work your way up.

Go alternative


The best way to stand out from the crowd is to steer away from what everybody else is doing. But if you don’t want to go about looking like you’re ready for Halloween, then you need to pick and choose all the pieces carefully. You can look for a subtle gothic corset and find the one that’s edgy, but not over the top. If you want to pull this look off successfully, the trick is not to give any special treatment to the outfit, but simply style it like you would any other piece that you have in your wardrobe.

Change the scale

Wearing oversized pieces has been a trend for the past couple of years, and it seems to be staying right where it is. Make sure you stick to just one out-of-scale piece, so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing pajamas. Go for a large bag, oversized sweatshirt, a men’s shirt or chunky platforms. It will give your outfit an effortless look while still showing off your immaculate style.

Having a fashion identity will not only allow you to stand out, but will also help you express yourself in your unique way. No matter what the trends say, make sure you stay true to yourself and give your own twist to every outfit you put together. Remember to wear only the things that you feel comfortable in and rock your outfits with confidence.

*This is a guest post written by Amy Mia Goldsmith

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  1. Very helpful reminder! When I’m bored with my wardrobe and find myself wanting more and more, it’s a good sign something else is missing in my life. Tnx :)


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