Friday, 30 June 2017

On Wednesdays We Wear PINK...

Except for the fact that today is Friday of course.. #TGIF anyone? I thought it was time to channel a classic film for today's outfit. Mean Girls, you guessed it! 

Growing up, I never really spent much time watching any films. This resulted in me only watching Titanic a couple of years ago, tragic I know. But honestly, who doesn't agree that there was plenty room for Leonardo Dicaprio to sit on that wood! I will forgive but not forget, I am looking at you Kate Winslet. 

Although I did remember many iconic scenes, I only ever fully watched the legendary Mean Girls about two years ago. And boy did I love that film! It is just one of those feel good films, one I don't think I'll ever get bored with. You could watch it any day and your mood is instantly lifted. Like the many iconic scenes, Mean Girls is also known for the many phrases that are still heavily quoted today. My personal favourite is in the title of this article, as I really do associate the colour pink with Wednesdays. I might not wear pink on Wednesdays, but it really is a special day in the week that deserves some extra attention. Of course there is this other really famous phrase...

THE OUTFIT (similar items)


If you have any classic film recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments below! 

Lots of Love,


Monday, 26 June 2017

Dress to Impress*

Every now and then we find ourselves in the rare occasion, at least they are rare for me, that we are expected to wear formal attire. Be it a prom, a graduation ceremony, a wedding or another special occasion, I know for a fact that I have nothing in my closet that would suffice.  What if one day, the most unlikely thing will happen, namely that I am invited to a formal event and find myself having nothing to wear?  The horror!

Learn from my mistakes, and start building a (small) collection of occasion wear so you always have something up your sleeve. Even if you really have no occasions to wear a formal dress to in the foreseeable future, why not just wear it on a normal day? Being overdressed is certainly not a crime.

With this in mind, I had a look at Pickedlooks and made a selection of some of my favourite dresses. I honestly wouldn’t mind wearing them on a normal day, even just to brighten my mood! From evening wear to balldresses, you can find it all on one website. Isn’t that just wonderful? Here come the late night online shopping sprees…

Let’s have a look at my favourite dresses shall we?

Short Dresses

Especially in summertime, it is nice to go for a tea length. These dresses are among the most ‘wearable’ if you get what I’m saying. You could easily wear one of these beauts on a nice day out during summertime, just image yourself on a boulevard somewhere in the south of Europe, wearing your gorgeous dress, a pair of strappy sandals and some statement sunglasses. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

My picks:

Long Dresses

For when you’ve got an event to go to, or when you just want to dress up for the sake of it. Whatever it is, don’t hold back. This is your day, unless you’re attending a wedding, but even then, you are still allowed to dress to impress right? As long as the dress isn’t anywhere near white!  Every now and then you just have to go all out, and feel like a princess.

My picks:

Lots of Love,


*This is a paid for post written in collaboration with Pickedlooks


Friday, 23 June 2017

Festival Season: What to Wear

Now that you have most likely completed your list of festivals to attend this summer, it is time to start putting together your killer outfits. Believe me, a festival is the perfect opportunity to go all out so don't hold back! 

I encourage you to take these tips with a pinch of salt, as festivals are the place to express yourself and your style. However there are always a couple of trends that seem to be returning year after year. 


Think long and flowy layers, distressed denim, more earthy colours and mixed patterns. This style is a true festival classic, a nod to the Californian life and pretty easy to achieve yourself. Braid your hair, or use another method to create loose waves, add a headband of some kind and voila, it's a look! 



Think lots of black, silver accessories, statement tees, glitter and a whole lot of attitude. This style in not for the faint-hearted and does definitely take more effort to accomplish. But boy, will you feel badass! Hot this summer, are the two space buns with a middle-parting covered in fairy dust (what I like to call glitter). Finish the look by adding some face jewellery around the eyes and forehead. 



Think comfortable, practical and effortlessly stylish. One glance is enough to know that these people have been there and done it all before. You know that feeling you get when your shoes are killing you, your high waist skirt or trousers are cutting into your stomach and your glitter is somehow all over your face. But then you see this person, that appears totally comfortable in a casual outfit you know you could never pull off. Effort levels to complete this look may vary from none at all to the most difficult to accomplish. Accessoires are optional.   


Personally, I like to mix it up between bohemian goddess and queen of grunge during summer, with some of the more current trends thrown in. However I am always struggling to pull off a more casual outfit in summer... Somehow it is so much easier for me to do casual wear in winter? 

What is your go-to summer/festival look? 

Lots of Love,



Monday, 19 June 2017

Festival Season: Where to go

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons, minus the ones that make me absolutely despise it of course, but the fact that summer also equals festival season is pretty unbeatable. Two years ago I got a taste of Festival Fever and I am not planning on giving up on these glorious events anytime soon. 

If you're European like me, or will be in Europe this summer, then take note of the festivals mentioned below as they always seem to be among the crowd's favourites. Even if you won't be able to attend any of these this year, look out for the line-ups next year and perhaps plan yourself a grand summer tour of Europe's best festivals! 


Wireless Festival 

NOS Alive

Sziget Festival

V Festival


Bilbao BBK Live


Rock Werchter

Primavera Sound

Now you know where to go, it's time to figure out what to wear! Stay tuned for Friday's post and I will share some useful festival fashion tips!

UPDATE: I went to Wireless in 2018 and it was GREAT! 

Which festival will you be attending this summer?

Lots of love,



Friday, 16 June 2017

A Day in Brighton

Brighton had been on my 'Places to visit' list for quite some time now, in particular the Brighton Pier was just one of those places that seemed to equal complete and utter happiness. Now I can finally confirm, that it is true, although the fact that only a couple of wood pieces separated me from the (deep?) ocean made me feel bit squeamish at first, the Pier is the place to be! 

As my mom and I only went to the seaside for the afternoon on, luckily, a lovely day, we didn't get to see much else. That, and we literally spent so much time on the pier because we enjoyed it so much! In fact, we didn't actually go on any of the attractions (because we were already terrified of being above the sea, let alone going on an attraction above the sea). But we did enjoy watching everyone enjoying the attractions 😉

All that fear and observing gave us an enormous appetite, which is why we decided to share a delicious (and huge) portion of traditional fish and chips. My stomach actually started rumbling as I was typing that... My oh my, was that delicious. Who knew that fried cod fish with fries would be so yummy? 

You simply cannot leave the Pier without having some of the (also famous) doughnuts. Naturally, we were craving a traditional dessert after that traditional meal. However, when we arrived at the donut stall, we were informed that they were only sold in bags of half a dozen... Not to worry, we went ahead and had three doughnuts each instead of just one. I even dipped mine in nutella 😍😋
With our bellies filled, and the lovely sunshine (and the fact that we simply couldn't walk anymore because we were literally so stuffed), we decided to enjoy the last bits of bright sunshine, right next to the beach, before hitting the shops quickly. It was so lovely being away from the city for a while, there really is something special about fresh sea air. 

It was such a lovely day in Brighton, and I am sure I will go back soon. For now, it is only a train-ride away! 

Lots of Love,


Monday, 12 June 2017

Orange Is the New Black Season 5

Hands up if you have missed these badass Litchfield inmates 🙋 I sure did. Last season left us all holding our breaths, waiting to see what the tragic death of *SPOILER ALERT* Poussey would lead to. That intense season finale, where the guard 'Humps' is trying to take out his sneaked in gun, but gets pushed in the process, so the gun lands on the floor and nearly a dozen inmates try to reach for it, but it is 'Daya' that picks the gun up and points it at the guard. *Holds breath* END SCENE! 


Looking back at this moment, I don't know how I was able to wait a year to see what happens, but we all survived the wait and let me tell you it was worth it! Last Friday saw the release of the long awaited season 5, which I finished watching the day after... Obsessed much? 

Luckily, the season starts right where we left off and only proceeds  into the following three days. As the season counts 13 episodes, you can image that these three days are covered nearly to the minute, which is what you will need to keep track of everyone and their actions during the prison riot. Yes, RIOT! Last season's 'economical' changes and, of course, the tragic murder did not go down well with the inmates. So, they cease the opportunity and stand united to demand their human rights back. 
Season 5, like the previous 4 seasons, takes you on an emotional rollercoaster filled with anger, despair, love and compassion. As a viewer, you feel incredibly outraged by all the injustice. And as frustrating as this might be, it is exactly what I love about this series. The ice-cold reality of the failing American justice system, (institutional) racism, sexism, homophobia, inequality, underrepresentation, white privilege and the list goes on. 

Personally, it took me two tries to get past the the first episode. First, the nudity and overall explicitness of the series put me off. However after hearing everybody and their dog rave about OITNB, recommending it to me countless times, I finally gave in and tried again. And boy am I glad I did! So, if you haven't already, sit down with an open mind and start watching the first season. You will not regret it, I promise! 

Lots of Love,



Friday, 9 June 2017

Keep Smiling

Amidst the terror and the ridiculous decision by a certain president to ignore climate change, while a considerably large iceberg is melting faster than you can say Donald Trump, it is important to keep on smiling. Either you see this as a metaphor, or take it quite literally (I'll be doing both). 

I decided to stop watching the news

Not so long ago, I was at a really bad place. Where I felt useless, while watching all those in power make decisions that I didn't agree with, decisions that most likely affected people severely. I felt angry and decided to stop watching the news for nearly a year, not wanting to know what horrible things were going on around me. I realised, however, that this is not going to solve any of the problems either. 

Slowly, but surely, I decided to dive into the too often saddening news stories once again. This time, trying not to feel anger at the world and humanity, but instead looking at the smaller things that I can do to make life just a little more pleasant. This could be really anything from smiling to strangers, helping those that you are able to help, just enjoying life more consciously and appreciating the things you are blessed with, caring a little more for the environment and donating whenever you can. 

Give what you can when you can

As a student, it is very difficult to constantly donate to all the important causes. It's been 1,5 years now that I have been donating monthly to Amnesty International, although it is not much money, it is sometimes more than I can afford to give. In these 1,5 years I had made some attempts to end my donation, but can somehow not bring myself to do it. I want to end my donations for various reasons, some more contradictory than others, but in the end it always comes down to my conscience. I cannot constantly complain about all that is wrong in this world, or all that is wrong with humanity and make no effort to change these things. I cannot keep on smiling while knowing that others have nothing to smile about. 

To me donating this money, although more than I can afford, is worth the sacrifice. If it means that I helped someone out there, that I contributed to making this world a bit more humane in these cruel times, than I am willing to live without one or two luxuries

Photography by @mobmalko

Next time the news upsets you in any way, try to keep smiling instead of getting angry or upset. Invest your time and effort into making even the tiniest of contributions to help solve these issues. At the end of the day, we are all in this together (High School Musical pun intended). 

Do you have any causes/charities that you donate/contribute to? 

Lots of Love,


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