Friday, 26 May 2017

What I'll be wearing this summer*

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of summer slowly but surely arriving! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week, the temperatures were up, and the sun was out, as were the legs and toes. These few days just made me long for the beach and I could already picture myself lying there in one of the many gorgeous yellow bathing suits from Zaful.comBeing able to go out the door without wondering if you will need an umbrella/scarf/warmer jacket feels so liberating.

Don't be shy, wear colour!

Whether you will be going to a beach resort or are waiting for the occasional summer day at home, now is the time to start looking for your new summer additions. There are plenty trends this season worth trying, but one of my personal favourites must be the bright colours. Colours are having a big moment, so much so that even I am willing to divert from my usual darker shades. Even if the sun isn’t shining, a bright colour will instantly light up your day ├índ accentuate your tan!

When it comes to swimwear, I am usually a lover of interesting prints and designs, as mylatest addition in the picture above. With this being the first time I placed an order with, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items. The swimsuit is lined, meaning that it won’t be showing any private parts when wet. Although, I was completely mistaken in how much skin is exposed with this particular model, as this is a back-less model with a low side-cut. I am not sure I will be comfortable enough wearing this, which is a shame! Finding the right swimsuit, one that you will feel comfortable in, is quite the task isn’t it? Particularly because I only recently discovered what styles suit my body type best, and make me feel most comfortable, I will try to purchase my swimwear in-store as much as I can, in order to prevent purchases like this one.

Different season different style

During the colder days, my style is leaning slightly towards that Scandinavian no-nonsense look, as I am more likely to go for dainty and minimal accessories. Come summertime, however, my inner Californian bohemian comes out and I am all about statement items with a tribal touch. Thischoker will be among my most worn items this summer, the print is gorgeous and will add just the right amount of colour to a more monochrome outfit, because we all know that even in summer I will still be wearing a lot of black…

Colours aren’t the only things that are having a moment this season, wrap tops are most likely the most popular items around and I am in love with thisred gingham top. Does it remind you of a picnic cloth? Well that’s too bad! It is the type of picnic cloth I’ll happily wear. The fit is simply perfect; I normally wear a size EU 38 and got this in a large. Initially I was worried that with the low cut this top could be a little too revealing, but the height is just right. I’ll be wearing this a lot too!

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*This post was written as part of a collaboration with, in which I was kindly sponsored the items mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Really like the swimsuit you picked. During cold days I also wear more Scandinavian non sense since also I live in Scandinavia haha . great blog ;)

    1. Thanks for your comment Mihaela! Oh really, that makes a lot of sense hahaha! x

  2. This is a nice post. I love what you picked out. I tend to wear my biker jacket, jeans, and boots since I live in the UK. When I travel though, I tend to mix things up since weather is different in many places. Have an amazing weekend :)

    1. Yes! The jeans/boots/jacket combination in like a uniform almost in the spring/summer months hahaha x

  3. I love how this heat wave has everyone re-evaluating their wardrobes haha! I usually wear mostly neutrals, but this season I know I'm not going to be able to stop buying bright coloured pieces! Love your gingham top. Great post! <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by Eva! Hahaha, we did go a bit crazy with the good weather didn't we? Now it seems to be all over :( Yes! I've hardly been wearing black lately, all the bright colours really are tempting x


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