Friday, 28 April 2017

New accessories

Once in a while I like to treat myself to some new accessories, things that I don't necessarily need but simply like. A couple of days ago I took another trip to the mall (very dangerous) and picked up a few items that still make me smile today. 

1. Primark Keychain 
I was in desperate need of a new keychain (very random, I know) because my old one was so worn out that my keys literally slipped off! They would be lying somewhere at the bottom of my bag, so in all my frustration and fear of eventually losing my keys I decided to pick up a new one. My new keychain is so cheeky! It says 'Mermaid Off Duty' and I love it! 

2. New Look Fishnets (similar here, here and here)
A while ago I posted a trend alert about fishnet tights and I came to the realisation that I didn't own a pair yet, so I went and got a pair of ankle fishnet socks that you will see in an outfit post very soon...

3. The (Primark) Notebook 
Haven't we all seen and desperately wanted one of the notebooks, mugs, t-shirts with the quote "More issues than vogue"? Finally I gave in and got a very Instagramable notebook that I will be using to take notes at work. 

4. Primark Mules (similar here, here and here)
At first I was so against this mule/slipper shoe. There is just something about bare feet that freaks me out a little, but this summer I am going to toughen up and bare my feet! I already had a lovely pair of black sandals and now these super comfortable slippers. 

5. New Look Sunglasses 
As soon as the sun started shining I felt the urge to buy myself a new pair of sunnies, as I had left all my other pairs at home. Obviously there was no more sunshine after I purchased said sunnies and so far I have only wore them twice... Summer where are you?!

6. Primark Bottle (similar here, here and here)
My old water bottle unfortunately broke and I was in urgent need of another. Then I saw this sassy bottle, basically telling people to talk to the hand! It's so funny, it makes me happy every time I take a sip! 

Lots of Love,



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