Saturday, 2 May 2015

Song of the Month: April

Surprisingly it wasn't much of a musical month for me at all, since I was on a holiday for most of the time and when I came back I had so much going on I hardly had the time to really 'get the vibes' of the songs I was listening to. Does anyone of you also really 'feel' songs sometimes? It's such a strange thing actually, one certain period I absolutely love a song and then suddenly the 'deep connection' disappears and I move on to the next song. 

Anyway enough of this weird philosophical talk. This month I really enjoyed listening to my latest discovery Tove Lo. The story behind my choice is quite funny actually. When in Germany with my friends, we heard her song Habits on the radio. For me it was the first time to hear her original version broadcasted, since here in The Netherlands they only ever seem to play the remix of it called Stay High. 

Somehow this whole conversation came up during another afternoon in Heidelberg, my friend told another friend that she found it remarkable that we would only broadcast the remix and never the original. I think it's actually a common thing in The Netherlands since this is really a country of dance music, and therefore also remixes. However it is quite annoying that we are never 'shown' the original work on the radio and television. Anyway the other friend didn't quite know what song we were talking about, so we ended up singing it (and failed miserably). So eventually we played the actual song and of course she recognised it immediately. What a story, I think you had to be there to actually see the fun of it. Anyway I though I'd share it no matter what :) 


Which one do you prefer; the remix or the original?

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  1. I love your polaroid camera!!!
    Happy weekend dear,

  2. Heerlijk! <3


  3. Love Tove Lo :)<3

  4. Amazing! i JUST listened to the second song!! Love it!
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  5. Loving this song :P
    love your blog :)

  6. Very cool. I have to check the camera out. Thanks for sharing.

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