Friday, 1 May 2015

Five Favourite Fashion Blogs

Another Five Favourites has been long overdue, this time I decided to have a closer look at all the fashion blogs I read. Let me know in the comments below what you would like me to make the next Five Favourites about!

Although I follow so many fashion blogs it wasn't actually too hard for me to pick just five that I like most. Some people just speak more to me than others, which always makes the whole experience of reading a blog more enjoyable. 

Without further ado, here are the five chosen ones in no particular order. Drum rolls please...

KAYTURE - Kristina Bazan runs the amazing Kayture, which often looks more like a museum full of editorials then 'just' a fashion blog if you ask me. The photos on her blog are out of this world! The lighting, the background, the bokeh and Kristina herself always are so on point. Her style is incredibly unique but not in a way that I would never dare to wear her outfits, on the contrary I would love to have her wardrobe if only for a day... Besides totally acing her fashion blog, her instagram and snapchat are also incredible to watch. 

SONG OF STYLE - Aimee is both a tomboy and a feminine lady, she knows a thing or two about styling things completely out of the box in a very subtle way. Her sister often accompanies her on the many travels and appears on her social media every now and then as well. I think that being incredibly stylish simply runs in their family. Just like Kristina, Aimee always shares such stunning images on her blog. She has a gift for matching backgrounds to her outfit, which gives the photos that extra something. 

STYLE SCRAPBOOK - Andy Torres is one of the first fashion bloggers I followed somewhere in 2010. Even after all these years she still remains one of my all time favourite bloggers out there. Her style is unique, feminine with a masculine twist and she also shares great music on her blog every now and then. The fact that after all these years I have never seen her wandering around in Amsterdam saddens me a lot. Hopefully one day I'll be lucky enough to run into her! 

RING MY BELL - Ashley Madekwe is a London girl living in Los Angeles, besides blogging she is probably most known for her acting in series like Revenge and Salem. What I love most about her is that she doesn't simply share outfits her stylists puts together for her, she really shares outfit she wears on her days off as an actress. Although she only updates her blog every now and then, I always find myself looking forward to her next post even more than regular bloggers. Sometimes less really is more. However her instagram is updated more regularly and she always shares great photos there!

TARMARZ - Tara is an Irish fashion blogger, YouTuber and student. She's currently creating her very own collection as a graduate assignment for uni, which she is also vlogging about. Just like Kristina her photos always look like what comes straight out of a magazine. I could easily mistake her outfit posts for actual ads from brands like H&M etc. Tara knows how to make high-street look super chic and expensive, even her simplest outfits always look so classy. Every now and then she shares super delicious, but healthy recipes on her blog as well. If you haven't heard of her yet, I highly recommend paying her blog and channel a visit. You won't regret it, I promise. 

Let me know which fashion blogger is your favourite and don't forget to give me suggestions for the next Five Favourites!

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  1. I really love Song of Style! I also love blogs with a beautiful layout like yours - keep on going, yours is so nice!

  2. Love Song of Style, she has such an amazing unique style and her pictures are always amazing.

    xx Z&G

  3. Ik ken nog geen van deze 5 blogs, dus thanks voor het delen! :)

  4. Nice^^

    Un saludo!


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