Monday, 20 October 2014

Aviva Dress

Sure all the high street stores are perfect for a new everyday outfit, but I see more and more girls asking this question; ‘where can I find more formal dresses?’  If you’re lucky, you’ll find a great dress in the stores you usually shop at. It would be a lot easier, nonetheless, if you knew a shop specialised in this formal attire.

Well, look no further. is an online store that sells a great variety of prom dresses, wedding dresses and other special occasion dresses. Even if you're just looking for the perfect little black dress, this is the place to be. After having a look at their collection, I instantly wished I could redo my prom night. I remember having quite a hard time finding a dress I’d actually like to wear to my prom, in the end I went for the dress that I though was al right. If I’d known about Aviva Dress then, I wouldn’t even know what dress to go for! There’s so much choice, you can go for short or long dresses, and there are so many stunning colours and shapes as well. Wearing one of their dresses to my prom would’ve definitely made me feel a lot more like a princess!

Just by looking at these dresses I feel like a princess though, I imagine some fancy princess browsing the Aviva Dress website to pick a dress for the next gala or high class dinner.

There are only a few days in our lives that we can actually dress up like a princess; the day you get married. Note that I said one of the few days, if you want to dress up like a princess just because you feel like it then go for it! Aviva Dress has such a beautiful variation of wedding dresses; they are all very affordable as well (which means you can spend more on the honeymoon). Don’t worry; if you’re not getting married anytime soon there are plenty of dresses you can wear to attend a wedding. They have the cutest little bridesmaids’ dresses for example.

Although the collection is so big, they website is still user friendly and very clear which I appreciate a lot. Very often when a website isn’t clear, I tend to forget about it or even try to avoid browsing there. This isn’t the case at all with Aviva Dress; all the types of dresses have separate sections, you can specify in details what kind of dress you’re looking for, you can even exclude long-sleeved or embellished dresses for example.

Here are a few of my favourite picks:

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