Wednesday, 28 May 2014

FMC: Packing for London

About a month ago I introduced a new series on the blog ‘Fashion Master Class’. At the time it seemed like a brilliant idea, which it probably still is however I seem to struggle with what to share. Because in all honesty I just do something when it comes to fashion, I have no other rules or guidelines except for these; wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in…

But you know what, although I can’t really give life-changing advice, I can share what I like to do and what normally works for me. Look at it as me sharing tips and tricks, which you can use if you’d like to. Therefore I thought it would be fun to share my packing tips and tricks!

As you might already know, I’m going to London in about two weeks! You can only imagine how excited I am! Now although I still have two weeks until take-off, I always like to pack my suitcase in advance to prevent any inconveniences from happening. Knowing myself, I’d wear all the clothes I want to bring the week before, with it all ending up in the laundry by the time I want to pack them. In fact, ever since last week I already started to feel anxious whenever I had to get dressed! Yup it’s that bad.

So it was about time to put all the possible ‘London candidates’ on display so I could really think about what I want to bring and what will stay. Now the only way to clear my head from all the thoughts, outfit ideas etc. was to throw every candidate on my bed. (Why do I even call them candidates?!)

Once I could actually see everything lying on my bed – my first thought was ‘damn that’s a lot’ – I could finally think about what to bring. Now this is the hard part. Where do we start?! I thought it was easier to start with night-time outfits since those are less and probably will be more creative/fancy than daytime outfits. I simply started to try things on and then decided what would work better, what makes me feel comfier etc. From there I could narrow my options down very easily. I now have four night-time outfits with three nights to wear them. It’s good to have an extra option, especially if you’re picky like me!

Now on to daytime outfits, which can be trickier. What will the weather be like, what will I be doing during the day, will I have to walk a lot, do I have to change easily (because shopping will be happening). When taking all these things in account, your head might feel like it’s going to explode. But don’t worry, you will make the right choices – at least that is what you hope.

Since I had less bottom options I decided to narrow that section down, before moving on to the tops. I soon came to the conclusion that once pair of black jeans and a black skater skirt would be enough for four days. Of course I wanted a few more options, so I decided to bring two dresses in case the weather will be very nice. Once I had the bottoms it was pretty easy to select a few tops. I went for five tops – again, choice is necessary – to wear with the bottoms.

As for shoes, bags and jackets, always try to bring as little as possible. I decided on my leather jacket since that goes with everything and my parka which is better on colder and rainier days. A pair of ballet flats will do the trick if I have to walk a lot, one pair of black heels for night-time and a pair of black shoes for something in-between. I have one clutch for night-time, one small black backpack for when I want to be completely hands-free and more on the fashionable side and my medium black satchel which is perfect for travelling!

I haven’t decided on make-up and jewellery yet, but those can be packed a few days before leaving anyway. Besides, I hardly wear any jewellery lately so I don’t think that will be too difficult to pack.

Phew, that felt like a lot! Now that I packed my suitcase I feel much more relaxed and excited to go! How do you normally pack your suitcase?

Lots of Love,



  1. Lucky girl ! I miss London so badly .. this city is incredible :) Enjoy xx

    1. I really am hahaha, London is truly amazing! xoxo Savannah

  2. Enjoy your trip and good luck packing!

  3. Las plataformas son geniales , besos

  4. Really happy for your travel in London! You have chosen great clothing *_*


  5. Um your closet is TO DIE FOR.

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from

    1. Hahaha thanks Elle! Love your blog a lot, I'll definitely follow you xoxo Savannah

  6. Enjoy your trip! I hope you gona have a great time in London. :)


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