Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wardrobe Rehab: Spring Edition

Every time spring comes around we all have this urge to start cleaning... Cleaning is exactly what I did, well kind of. I sorted out my closet, threw everything out, made a selection of what I wanted to keep and put it all back in. Let me tell you it was quite the task! However I survived, so did the majority of my clothes. Nevertheless I have a better overview of what I have, what I still (do not) have buy and what I should definitely wear more often. 

Here you'll see some before pictures of my rather messy closet... If you're wondering, I recently bought this extra closet at Ikea which is very convenient. I use it for all my outerwear and most of the items I hardly wear, but still can't say goodbye to. I call it my 'Last Chance Closet' as the items (except for the coats) have one last chance before I will give them away, pretty sad actually.

Does your pyjama section look like this as well, or is it just me with this problem?

Time to sort it all out! What will stay and what will have to go?

Doesn't it look much better already? Here are some after pictures for you!

I blurred out my underwear section, as I don't think it's very appropriate to put it on display... You might not think it's such a big deal, but I just don't feel very comfortable with showing the internet my underwear. Unfortunately it is a part of my closet so I couldn't really avoid it in the pictures. Anyhow, let's move on shall we?

That's all! My closet looks so much better now, I know exactly what I have. I have so many new combination in my head, I can't wait to show you them! 

Lots of Love,




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