New In: Primark Sale

Do you know that feeling when you go to a store, in this case Primark, 
to buy just one thing you need, but decide to have a 'quick' look around the store,
and end up with a bunch of items from the sale you don't need?..
Yeah? Well this is exaclty what happened to me. 
I went to Primark to see if I could get a new scarf for a coat I've been wanting to buy.
So, I found my scarf, and decided to do a quick round through the store...
Oh how I wish I wouldn't have done that! 
Just my luck -I am lucky though- there was a huge sale, with all these amazing items!
Honestly, everything was so cheap I just couldn't resist buying.

Of course, just sale items aren't enough for me. 
I had to buy a few items from the new collections as well.
Sometimes I really regret having a Primark in our centre....
I would've saved a lot of money if we didn't have this precious store!
Seriously though, Primark is an abolute life saver when you need something.
I can't imagine my life without a Primark anymore :p

Lots Of Love,

Huge Surprise!

Me and my bestie during our surprise!!

First of all I'd like to say that I'm so sorry for my abcense.
As you know I recently started going to university, 
which is exhausting and time consuming!
Right now, I am about to start my first exam week and I am so nervous!
Hopefully I'll be fine... 
To apologize for my absence, my best friend and I have a huge surprise!
By huge I mean enormous, amazing, maybe even unexpected?
Alright, it's obviously not only to apologize, but mainly because it's been a dream of ours.
However, if everything works out we will 'launch' our surprise this week!
Aren't you so excited?? I know I am! I hope you'll like it!
So make sure to check my blog this week!
Just a few more days.....

Lots Of Love,
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