Look Of The Day: I L O V E This Dress

Ok, so I am not going to comment on this coat anymore..
Honestly I don't what I am thinking, maybe that is the problem.
The problem is that I'm not thinking!! I just wear this coat every single day.
But you know what? I'm not rich so I don't have that many coats anyway.
The ones I do have, I absolutely adore and I want to wear them every day.
The weather kinda forces me to wear a coat every day :p
Anyway I wasn't going to comment haha!
I just got this dress and I love how comfortable it is!
While wearing this dress you don't even know that you're not in your PJs anymore!
I'll probably wear this dress a lot.. I might even buy the other colors as well!
 The era of the dresses is about to begin... Prepare yourself!

Lots Of Love,

Look Of The Day: ''Homies do it better"

Please don't judge me for wearing this coat the enitre week!!
Sometimes when you love an item, you just wear it all the time.
Right now the weather is just right for this coat as well.
Anyway, it has to be one of my favorite items!!
Just like these trousers, I absolutely adore them.
This outfit has me written all over it.
The coat and the trousers are kind of chic, which I love,
 and the Homies t-shirt just makes it a little bit more casual. 
Of course I had to add my signature heels hahaha :p
I think I might wear this again very soon..
When something makes you feel confident,
you should definitely embrace it, right?

Lots Of Love,

Look Of The Day: Granny Chic

As you can see I'm still loving the granny coat, al lot!
This look is a bit more casual, but still very chic.
The blouse I'm wearing must be one of my favorites, 
I just love how it slightly is a victoriana style blouse.
You already know how much I love these romantic items.
However, this outfit is a bit ''grunged up'' because of the coat and the cut out boots.
Yes, now I know why I just didn't like this year's summer.
Autumn fashion is making me so happy that I don't even care about the weather!
Altough, I wouldn't mind if it would rain a bit less next week...

Lots Of Love,

Outfit: Grungy Romantic

This year's autumn fashion trends are completely my style!
Last week I bought this granny coat and I couldn't resit wearing it.
(There's a ''New In'' post coming up soon)
This is the oufit I wore on our frst ''actual'' school day.
There's no better way to start lectures, than to feel as fabulous as possible right?
A fun fact, I think every one in my class already knows that I'm a fashionista.
Just after one week of school... Could I be more obvious?
 Honesty though, it's not like I wear my glitter dress to school.
I just don't do casual, only when it's still slightly fashionable!
My week was amazing, I absolutely love my study and my class.
Hopefully you also enjoyed your first week of school (or work).
Let's make the most out the year, right!

Lots Of Love,

Look Of The Day: Like a Gypsy

You have no idea how much I adore this outfit.
I love the skirt, I love the crop top and wearing them together is just so adorbale!
I felt like a princess when I wore this to school!
At first I was a bit uncomfortable with the crop top.

I'm new at the school and I'm already wearing a ''daring'' outfit.
But you know what, I just ignored that little voice in my head.
I love fashion and this is what I do. I wear daring outfits all the time.
It's part of me, it makes me who I am.
If people can't accept that, then it's their loss, not mine.
The voice in my head was complete nonsense, 
because I got some compliments about the outfit.
So, never feel uncomfortable in an outfit, because it's makes you you.

Lots Of Love,

Look Of The Day: Very Colorful

Alright, I know I wore these trousers a week ago.
I just can't help it, somehow I keep coming up with combinations!
The fact that they're super comfortable makes it even harder not to wear them.
Actually, there are two complete opposites in this outfit.
This is the first time I wore the Boy London t-shirt.
Somehow I just kept it ''save'' in my closet.
Then I realized that I bought it to wear it,
and that's exactly what I did!
No more keeping clothes ''save'' from now on.

Lots Of Love,

Look Of The Day: Back To School

This week seriously felt like an entire month!
At first I was really scared to go back to school.
Especially because I've got to travel for almost an hour to get there in the first place!
Going to a new school is always a scary thing.
It's never nice to be the 'new one' of the 'freshman'.
After two days I made some friends and luckily, I'm used to the travelling already.
One of my biggest concerns was, and still is, what to wear!
Every day it's such a search to get the right outfit.
Sometimes I wish being a fashionista wouldn't be so hard!
Honestly, I envy everyone who simply doesn't care about their outfit.
I'm trying really hard to care less, but I just simply can't!
I guess it's something you're born with...
Or maybe once you're there you just can't go back...
Whatever it might be, I'll just have to except the facts;
Once a fashionista, always a fashionista.

Lots Of Love,

Check Out: Stylight.com

Recently I found out about an amazing fashion community called Stylight.
Their website goes further where other commutities stop.
Stylight.com allows you to upload your looks, 
''heart'' fashion items and follow other Stylight members.
By creating your own account you instantly create a personal inspiration page or even a wish list!
All the fashion items on the site are vey easy to order at webshops associated with Stylight.com.
This is just a small summary of all the things you can do!
Even though I just found out about this online fashion community I'm already hooked!
You can even stay updated on the go by downloading the Stylight app.
What are you waiting for? Go check out Stylight.com! 
Visit my profile MiVidaBonitaa
Let me know what you think about the community.
Hopefully I'll meet you there :)

Lots Of Love,

New In: Autumn Pieces

Somehow this year's summer didn't satisfy me at all.
Maybe that's because of what happened to me a few months ago.
But even now, when I've been healthy for quite a while, I still don't seem to like this hot weahter.
The truth is, very unlike me, I have been looking forward for autumn to arrive.
Since we're going back to almost tropical weahter next week,
I'll have to get over my issues and just wear my summer wardrobe! 
The clothing items I bought are all screaming autumn, as you can see.
For now, I don't have much of a choice but to put them away.
To get things clear, I'm not looking forward to rain at all! Just the cooler temperatures.
Let's hope that this year's autumn won't disapoint me...
Wish me luck!

Lots Of Love,
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