Friday, 26 April 2013

New In: Midi dress and Boy London

Usually I shop a lot at once, but I've got to admit that I like shopping less more often as well!
You've got something to be excited about every week.
Shopping loads at once also keeps me happy for a long time though.
Maybe I should just continue to vary them!
Here's what I bought/ordered.
From I bought myself a Boy London t-shirt,
since I am addicted to I might need some help...
Another addiction of mine is Primark, where I bought this amazing midi dress.
After doubting for a long time I decided to just buy this dress.
I'm not really comfortable with how my body looks in bodycon dresses.
Since I'm still working out,
 (believe me I'm also surprised) I thought it would be a great goal to work to.
Monday I'll be shopping some more with my mum!
We're going to ''The Nine Streets" or ''De Negen Straatjes'' in Dutch :)
which is also known as the vintage area!
Can't wait to buy some one of a kind items!

Lots Of Love,



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