Friday, 26 April 2013

New In: Midi dress and Boy London

Usually I shop a lot at once, but I've got to admit that I like shopping less more often as well!
You've got something to be excited about every week.
Shopping loads at once also keeps me happy for a long time though.
Maybe I should just continue to vary them!
Here's what I bought/ordered.
From I bought myself a Boy London t-shirt,
since I am addicted to I might need some help...
Another addiction of mine is Primark, where I bought this amazing midi dress.
After doubting for a long time I decided to just buy this dress.
I'm not really comfortable with how my body looks in bodycon dresses.
Since I'm still working out,
 (believe me I'm also surprised) I thought it would be a great goal to work to.
Monday I'll be shopping some more with my mum!
We're going to ''The Nine Streets" or ''De Negen Straatjes'' in Dutch :)
which is also known as the vintage area!
Can't wait to buy some one of a kind items!

Lots Of Love,

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Look Of The Day: Seeing Beyoncé

Monday was one of the most amazing days ever!
I went to Beyoncé's concert with two friends.
The show was incredible, what a great performance.
Beyoncé was one of the first artists I became a fan of.
Seeing her perform live really amazed me, I got a bit emotional as well.
I'd love to see her again as soon as possible!
Since we finally have better weather I was able to wear this spring outfit.
My outfit is really festival inspired, but it's also a bit London style isn't it?
Somehow those 4 days in London still manage to really inspire me!
Hopefully the weather will stay as nice as it is now.
I've got so many spring outfits to show you!
Beyoncé pictures are coming up, prepare yourself!

Lots Of Love,

Monday, 22 April 2013

New in: Shoe edition

Somehow I only bought new shoes this time...
I am just kidding! 
Unfortunately I had to send the other items I ordered back,
since they don't fit me and some items are just not that pretty in real life.
That's quite a disadvantage from online shopping, you can't tell what an item looks like in real life!
Luckily I don't often make bad decisions when it comes to shopping.
Anyway, I finally bought the white Converse All Stars!
I am not the trainers kind of girl but I do love Converse.
Don't you just love the slippers? I am absolutely in love with the gems.
Then we have the sandals...
Those gorgeous sandals, sometimes less is really more!
Can't wait to wear my new babies!

Lots Of Love,

Friday, 19 April 2013

Paris 2013

With a long weekend coming up I finally found the time to write a post about my trip to Paris!
Consider this as a warning: there are a lot of  pictures coming up.
As you already know I went to Paris last weekend with my French class.
We had such a great time, what can possibly go wrong when your with 7 girls right?
I already showed you what I bought, which wasn't much...
Now it's time to show you what we did besides shopping!
One thing is certain; I have never walked this much in my life!
Coming from me that means a lot, since I (almost) always walk everywhere on holidays...
This summer I'm going to have some killer legs!

Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New In: Pre Paris and Paris shopping

It's been quite a while since I wrote something!
Time goes by way too quickly.
Especially last week, since I had to pack my bag for Paris and complete my school exam!
Unfortunately I couldn't post anything before my trip to Paris.
That's why I decided to write a 'New In' for the things I bought before and during the trip.
Hopefully you like my new purchases!
There is another 'New In' on it's way -literally-,
 since I finally ordered some of the items from my wish list on!
Stay tuned and I will keep you posted!

Lots Of Love,


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Look Of The Day: Printed Trousers

With these trousers it was love at first sight.
You know how much I fancy printed trousers, but these are definitely my favorite ones!
Since it's still quite cold outside I decided to wear these trousers with a jumper.
Luckily it looks like we're finally getting (actual) spring weather this weekend!
Hopefully the weather will be great in Paris as well...
This weekend I am going to Paris with my French class, I am so excited!
I still have to pack my bag though, this is probabaly the first time I am packing this late!
Normally I've got everything packed weeks in advance.
Prepare yourself for loads of pictures next week!

Lots Of Love,


Friday, 5 April 2013

Look Of The Day: Burgundy Again

I just had to wear my burgundy trousers...
Seriously, I don't know where my inspiration is.
If I didn't wear these trousers I'd probably go for my leather jacket again.
Not good right! I am in desperate need of inspiration and variation!
Don't worry, I will get them back somehow.
Some good news: it's almost time for my shopping spree!
As soon as I've got the time I am going to order some items from the wish lists I created.
I can't wait anymore!
There is a huge (hopefully) 'New In' coming up!

Lots Of Love,

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Look Of The Day: Leather and Baroque

Lately I am really in to dressing casually.
Sometimes less is more right?
Maybe I am just out of winter outfits already..
It seems like during summer I've got amazing ideas for winter outfits,
while I've got amazing ideas for summer outfits during winter.
I should probably start taking pictures of my ideas so I won't forget them!
Somehow these trousers just stay one of my favorites.
Maybe it's because I've searched for them for such a long time.
I can't wait to wear this top without a jacket so you can see the open back!
Summer why won't you arrive already?

Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Look Of The Day: Happy Easter

Can you believe it is April already?
I know I can't believe it!
Lucky for us April gave us a lot of sunshine already.
We've had some amazing holidays.
I wore this dress with Easter, it's been quite a while since I wore a dress!
Don't you just love the oxblood colour? 
Let's hope the +20 degrees Celsius will soon arrive as well...
I can't wait to wear this dress without a jacket!

Lots Of Love,

PS: My hair is so long! I straigthened my hair for the first time this year. 
Maybe I should make an appointment with the hairdresser? 
I need a haircut now, before they will cut off half of my hair!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Check Out: Warby Parker NEW Summer Collection

Get ready to spend some money!
Warby Parker launched their latest Summer Collection today.
The collection is all about that summer feeling.
All the glasses are a bit bohemia with an arty touch. 
Which makes them perfect for the summer!
With these glasses you're definitely going to make the right statement.
I can't wait to try them on!
It doesn't matter if you don't wear glasses, there are enough gorgeous sunglasses as well!
So we all get to enjoy this wonderful Summer Collection!
Take a look on their website for eyeglasses and for sunglasses
We are about to take our first step towards getting 'Summerproof'!

Lots Of Love,
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