Friday, 22 February 2013

Lifestyle: Instagram Lately

I love Glamour 
First of all: 
This is post number 200!!!
I can't believe it, how did I ever wrote 200 posts?
Anyway, this is just the beginning.
Maybe you've noticed that I am more dedicated to my blog.
I am really serious about becomming a professional blogger.
We really should celebrate, if I only knew how...
It is my birthday next week, this might be one of the best presents ever!
Also, I really want to thank all my readers.
Without you I wouldn't make it this far :)
(This sounds like a speach at the Oscars hahaha)

Here are some pictures I took with Instagram lately,
I have been trying to get a slideshow on my blog but somehow it doesn't work..
I have to share the pictures like this a little longer.

Lots Of Love,


First purchase at Asos

Lemon Cake

More cake
Please don't tell me this
How I study/"How we do"

Oh God... 

Exams, exams and exams...

My first Dutch Subway experience


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