Friday, 8 February 2013

Beauty: My New Hair color

As promised, a post dedicated to my new ombre style hair color!

You probably still remember that I dip-dyed my hair a while ago.
The dip-dye was actually an alternative for the ombre style.
I went to the hairdresser with a picture of Khloé Kardashian and her beautiful hair.
But somehow the hairdresser didn't exactly do what I wanted.
I still liked the dip-dye though, that's why  I decided to leave my hair like that.
After a while I really wanted a change.
So that's why I decided to dye my hair again!
This time I got exactly what I want!
I am so happy with my new color!
Maybe next time I'll dye my entire hair...
I am still too anxious for that!

Lots Of Love,



  1. You look lovely with ombre. And the highlight on your curls looks very stylish! I’m glad everything worked out after your not-so successful experience. I guess it worked out well in the end, because you still got what you wanted. Anyway, have you kept it ombre, or have you changed it recently?

    Catherine Ward @ Camerons Salon

    1. Thank you so much! Eventually I did get the results I wanted, so everything worked out luckily! I've kept my ombré for almost a year and a half, but I recently changed colour:

      x Savannah


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