Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My little hell

TGIAF! - Thank God It's Almost Friday
As Friday is getting closer and closer, my examweek is about to end.
I've got 3 more exams left, before I am a free gril again!
These past two weeks were a complete hell to me.
My -inner- battery just died. 
I was, and still am a little bit, exhausted from every thing.
All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep even more.
Unfortunately I had to study a lot.
My concentration was miserable, so studying took me more time than usual.
Hopefully, my exams went good. 
I think I did pretty good on them actually.
studying till late and waking up early to study more,
 doesn't leave much time for me to blog.
This weekend I will post again, so please forgive me!
I also did something quite drastic to my hair...

You will see it very soon! 
For now, I could use some luck for my last exams.
You will hear from me again very soon!

Lots Of Love,


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