Monday, 30 July 2012

Last day of summer?

Seems like we've had all our summer days.
We're going back to rainy and grey weeks.
I can't wait for autumn to arrive.
At least then I'll know what to expect from the weather.
Now I'm just carrying around my umbrella and a jacket!
It's really annoying!
I guess my love for The Netherlands is bigger when it's not summer.
Because I really can't call these summers "summer".
nobody can stop me from wearing shorts!
I admit it was a little bit cold.
I hope it's August soon so I can get on that plane to Barcelona!
For now I'll just have to be patient :) 


Friday, 20 July 2012

Floral pants with mint green

Seems like we're going to have some sun next week!
Can't wait! 
Lately it only has been raining.
It really seems like we're right in the middle of fall.
Speaking of fall,

the new collections in the stores are really stunning!
To be honest,

I can't wait for fall to come.
At least then I'll now what to expect from the weather!
For now I just have to wear trousers...
And if I'm in a good mood I'll just wear sandals,
even wet toes can't kill my good moods ;p
Do you like the floral pants combined with a mint green top?
I just love the tops collar, it's so cute!

I have a new leather jacket!
I bought it at Zara.

You really have no idea how long I was searching for a jacket like this one!
With a reasonable price of course...

But I finally found the jacket!
And I am loving it so so much!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Let the summer begin!

It's officially summer vacation!
I can't believe how fast this school year passed by!
This holiday is exactly what I need.
I am exhausted, this was a though year.
But it's over now! And it's time to relax!
I wore this outfit to hand in my school books.
That's always such a nice thing to do...
At least it means that I don't have to study for a while!

The coming days I might change the blog layout a bit,
I'm getting tired of the current layout.
I hope you're gonna like the changes!
And I hope I'm able to change the layout!
I'm not really THAT good with computer lol!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Instagram/More pictures

In Brussels
Here are some pictures I took with Instagram.
I hope you like them! You can follow me on Instagram if you like,my username is "missvannah"I also took some pictures that I didn't share on instagram.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New In! Recovering Process

I already told you about those stressful few weeks I had right?
there's no better way to recover than to go shopping!
Shopping is exactly what I did.
Maybe we should call it speed shopping.
I only had like two hours.
But I managed to find what I was looking for,
and more ;) 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Like a hippie

Hi there!!
Last week the sun came out again.
That's why I immediately wore my shorts!
I wore the shorts with a new t-shirt and a scarf.
Do you like the way I wore the scarf?
I wanted to do something fun with my hair.
Talking about having fun with hair...
I finally dip-dyed it!
Do you like it?
I was so nervous when I went to the hairdresser!
But everything went fine and I'm very happy with the results!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

New In: Brussels

A while ago I went shopping in Brussels.
It's been a long time since I went there!
They have some amazing stores.
I'm definitely going back soon!
Here's what I bought :) 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Casual chic

A sweater on shorts.
Not weird at all right??
It's an off-shoulder sweater,
so it doesn't really keep me warm in the winter.
Match it with a pair of shorts,
nice sandals and you're ready to go!
A casual outfit, 
but you can make it chic with a bag!
Just like I did.
I really hope this nice weather is going to stay here for a while!
My summer wardrobe can't wait any longer :p 


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I am back!

Hi there!!
Did you miss me??
I certainly missed blogging!!

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