Friday, 13 April 2012

Long time no see

It's been such a long time since I wrote something!! 
I had a few busy weeks,
obviously my trip to Salamanca.
But I also had so much homework!

I really have to catch up with you!
Let me just start with my trip to Salamanca!

We had so much fun,
the weather was great!
We were really lucky,
 it's very cold now in Salamanca hahaha!
The Spanish classes were quite instructive.
But I was more interested in the shops :p
And shopping is exactly what I did!
I'm not going to do a "New In" post about my new clothes,
I think it's more fun if I just let you wonder :p
*I am too lazy to take pictures*
hahahaha :)

I promise I'll show you my outfits! 
So don't worry!
Salamanca is such a beautiful city!
Almost all the buildings are ancient.

I'll give you a link to my Facebook album with all the pictures,
I didn't upload all the buildings though.
I took too many pictures of them :p

Most of the pictures are of my friends :) 

I hope you like it!


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