My favorite blazer

This is probably my favorite blazer.
I just adore the bright pink color!
It's so me!


First ever Dutch edition!

I have some pictures that I wanted to share with you!
Maybe you already heard of Instgram,
it's a really nice app to share pictures.
You can follow me if you like,


Maybe this is something you already noticed,
but I really love leopard prints!
It has something special about it.
Something I can't explain.
It is a very difficult print to combinate though.
It can be very classy or trashy...
I hope you like the way I combined my leopard blouse!
By the way,
I bought the blouse in Salamanca :) 
That makes it even more special!

Warm and comfortable

It seems like the rain just won't go away!
There's so much water falling out of the sky!
I haven't seen the weather like this for a long time!
Autumn arrived a little bit late this year.

Because of the cold/rain/wind I'm wearing all my sweaters again.
It's a good thing I didn't have the time to re-organize my closet yet!
During spring and summer I always put my sweaters away :p 

Maybe the sun will come out soon?
We need it!! 

Do or don't?

This is something I want to do with my hair for the summer!
I really love the ombre look!
I want the colors to look natural though,
I'm not so keen on the black to blond version.
I'm very excited I've never really dyed my hair before!
The only thing I used was similar to a colored shampoo :p 

Do you think it will look good on me? 

Black and White

This really is a classic combination,
black and white.
Everyone knows how to pull this off.
You can't  possibly go wrong with these two!

That day I wore my Steve Madden heels for the first time!
I was a bit nervous,
but everything went just fine!
You will see me wearing them A LOT!
Hahahaha :p

Shopping in Amsterdam!

I can't really remeber the last time I went to Amsterdam to shop!
Maybe it was two years ago...
But last week I finally decided to go!
De Kalverstraat changed a lot!

Some more pictures

My friend send me some pictures we made at school a while ago!
I thought I'd share them with you :)

Long time no see

It's been such a long time since I wrote something!! 
I had a few busy weeks,
obviously my trip to Salamanca.
But I also had so much homework!
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