Monday, 27 February 2012

New in!

I thought it might be a good idea to start sharing new items again!
Maybe you can still remember when I used to post "New In".
I honestly don't know why I stopped doing that :p
So I decided to start again :)

Most of the things I bought are from Primark,
I have to save money for my schooltrip to Salamanca.
But being a shopaholic makes it impossible not to buy anything!
And then there was a store called Primark...
It may seem cheap, 
but when you buy many "cheap" things..
Do I have to continue?
I bet you know what I'm talking about :p

So here are a few things I bought,
I can't even remeber when I bought these hahahaha :p 

By the way,
I told my mom that these are investments!
They really are,
I'm going to wear them DURING my schooltrip :)
So it's not wasted money!!
I need clothes to wear in Salamanca right?
Hahahaha :)

I finally found a tweed jacket that I like!! 
God knows how long I've been searching for one!
Thank you Zara,
for always having clothes that I like!
LOL :p



  1. very pretty :)

  2. Lovely Blog sweetie!I just followed you back on tumblr and saw that you have blogspot too =)


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