Monday, 9 May 2011

Party time!

I noticed that my blog is almost ONE year old!!! This needs a partaaay!! Ok not really a party, but maybe a super post?? About me and what I think about fashion? About my idea of a perfect outfit, and how to be stylish? And I've got some more pictures of what I wore the last days! 
I still have the feeling nobody reads my blog, but I might have to ignore that. There must be someone, somewhere reading what I am writing, right? I would appreciate it if tha tperson made a comment, just to let me know you're here. 
One more thing, do you like the way I write? Do I have to change things? Do you have tips for me? What do you think about the lay out of my blog? 

I hope to hear from that someone who's somewhere......

xoxo moi. 

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